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I have a problem with serial keys not sticking on server farm


I am trying to perform an unattended command line install on my server farm using my personal.xcvault with the KEYFILE switch and the serial key is not sticking between user logins.


Currently, we encrypt the registry keys used to store our license keys, with Windows GUID information. When a user profile is copied between servers, the registry key that contains this information is also copied and contains the wrong GUID information, so is perceived by the XCVault (license vault) to be invalid.


Note: As of Version 9, there is a new activation system in place which could have an impact on this process. Pleas see this article for details on "auto-activating" your license keys:

On 2015-06-26 we released a patched version of the XCVault module downloadable below, If you are using a version prior to Build 313 please follow the below instructions or update the software to a more recent version.

To implement this patch with previously installed, but not licensed software, please replace the existing XCVault module (C:\Program Files\Tracker Software\Vault) with the new one (link above). Once you have successfully added the new XCVault module, you must decrypt the license keys in the registry by running the /OpenKeys command. 

/OpenKeys Command

This command removes protection for all installed protected license keys on the machine, i.e. - converts them to unencrypted and readable text. By default, for security reasons, the utility encrypts all newly added keys. Encrypted keys cannot be exported from registry and used on other machines. However, in special cases administrator may allow keeping those keys opened. This command might require administrator rights. In addition, the command sets in system registry special permanent flag that forces all Tracker’s products to add new license keys without standard encryption.

Syntax: xcvault.exe /OpenKeys [/M|/S]

Example: xcvault.exe /OpenKeys

For more information on using the XCVault utility, please see the following link:

For Admins. Running a Brand New Installation:

You can install the keys as unencrypted by first installing the application in demo mode (without a license), then adding the license key after installation:
xcvault.exe /AddKeys [/M|/S] /R C:\Pathto\Personal.xvault
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