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How do I turn my internet search feature into a text translator.


 I would like to translate some of the text in my PDF documents, is there an easy way to do that with the Editor?


There is an easy way to translate your PDF files with the Editor.

The first step is to add a new search provider in your list. To do so, please open the Editor and go to File > Preferences (CTRL+K), scroll down and click the Search Providers tab. You can also remove and/or edit existing search providers here.

Click "New..." then read the steps to add a new provider carefully.

In our example, we will add google translate. Please open and select the desired language options.

I will use English to German in this example. Please type the word TEST in the first box and hit enter.

Copy the new URL (the entire string) and paste it in the Editor, add a name and description of the new provider and click OK.

Now open any PDF file with the Editor, select a word or a sentence and right-click on it. Look for the “Internet search by:” option in the context menu. Hold your mouse cursor over it for a second and the menu will expand showing all search providers. Click the newly created one and you should be sent to your browser with the correct URL to translate your text.

Note that the next time you right-click on a text, the search provider will be changed to the latest used and you will be able to translate your text even faster.

Note that if you open a scanned document you might not be able to use this feature because there is no actual text, only scanned pictures. In this case you must use our OCR feature first and then try to translate the text. To find out how to OCR a document, please go here.

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