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How do I Set custom measurement in the measurement tool


I have drawing that is not to any scale amongst other drawings of different scale, where the calibration will not satisfy my needs. 


It is not possible to adjust the measurement displayed in the measurement tool. This is because it is a calculated figure. In most cases, you can use the calibration tool to set the scale across the whole document, as described in KB 454. For extreme cases, the line tool must be used.

Alternative Solution

From within PDF-XChange Editor, select the Line tool, and open View > Panes > Properties. With the line tool selected, you should see the following pane. Please go to the "Line Endings" sections and select the arrows for Start and End as shown below: .

From here, you will need to set the leader to a desired length. I choose 5mm, then set "Show caption" to "Yes".
Now when you place a line with these properties you will get something like this:

To add a caption, simply double click the line annotation to bring up the sticky not dialogue, and type the caption where indicated:

Be sure to add a line break at the end of the caption if you wish it to show up above the line, rather than through it.

End Result:

You can set this as default by right clicking the annotation and selecting "Make current properties default".
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