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How do I Add Roman Numerals to Thumbnails


Does the Editor permit one to type “xxiv” or the like into the page number field to reach a page (such as one finds in scholarly citations) without guessing at its absolute page number? Is it also possible to to have the special page numbers displayed in the thumbnails for each page?


You can indeed add roman numerals to PDF so that the pages start with I, II, III...1, 2, 3...

In this example, I am using a pdf with pages watermarked 1-100, which currently corresponds with the actual page number:

My target is to set Page 1 as the Front Cover (FC), pages 2-10 labeled as roman numerals (I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, and IX,). Then Pages 11-99 labeled 1-88, and finally label the last page as the back cover (BC). Throughout this tutorial, you will need the thumbnails pane open as shown in my screenshot above. You can activate it using Ctrl+T, or by going to  View> Panes> Thumbnails. You will also need to turn on "Use Logical page numbers". You will find that option under File> Preferences> Page display:

Page Ranges

First, Right Click on that page's thumbnail, then go to "Number Pages

In the following dialogue, please set the the desired page ranges by choosing Add New Range...:

Because a page range Starting at page 1 exists, you will need to Enter the start value of the next page range to indicate the end of the previous. Typing in 2, will result in page ranges 1-2, and 2-100 as indicated by the yellow range bar:

 You will then need to add all the other page ranges (2-10,11-99,100). Once that is complete, you should see the following:

The yellow indicates the currently selected page Range.

Front Cover (FC)

Select the 0-1 page range, then change the style to "None". You will then be able to add a Prefix such as "FC":

*Helpful Tip*
In the Preview section of the "Page Numbering" dialogue, the BOLD section is the currently selected page range.

You will see that now, the page which is actually the second page in the PDF is now labeled as Page 1 as show by this close-up screenshot of the thumbnails pane:

Book Front Matter

Choose the pages 2-10 page range, and change the Style to roman numerals (or your desired style). Make sure you set "Start numbering from:" to 1

Main Pages (11-99)

Leave the style as 1, 2, 3, ...

Back Cover (BC)

Select the 100 page range, then change the style to "None". You will then be able to add a Prefix such as "BC":


As long as you have logical page numbers turned on as described at the top of this KB, you should see the special page labels.

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