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After updating my HP printer drivers, lines are printed too thick from the Editor...


 Lines are printing extremely thick, from the Editor, after a printer driver update from HP.


 This is a bug in HP's drivers, as they are not scaling line width correctly in MM_ANISOTROPIC mode.


 In Version 7, build 323 and newer, we have implemented a work-around for this issue. If using version 6 or prior, please see the previous workaround here.

To solve this issue within the Editor, open the File menu, and click Print (or press Ctl+P).

Next, go to the and Advanced Print Options section, and click More...

Within the Advanced Print Options dialog, change the Line Width Mode from its current setting (Auto by default) to Device Units and click OK. You should now find the printed lines to be the correct thickness.

Previous Work-around

Given that this is a bug in HP's drivers, we cannot guarantee a solution and it is best to contact HP directly. One potential workaround is to use the Print as Image feature, in the Editor's print dialog, but this can increase the size and time of the print job, so is not ideal for all situations. Another workaround is to download the following ZIP file, extract the contents and run the registry keys within:

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