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How do I log an installation for Support


I am experiencing an issue during installation and Tracker Support has asked me for an installation log file.


 Tracker Support will ask for an installation log as it may be crucial in determining the cause for the issue you are experiencing.


First, you will need to download and save the MSI package for the installer you wish to log to your downloads folder. Please note that if you are using a 32 bit operating system that you must use the 32 bit MSI installer, and you must use the 64 bit MSI installer if you are using a 64 bit operating system in order for this to work. Zip/exe installers will not work!

If you are unsure of which installer to use please consult our support staff if the installer link was not already provided to you (

Preparing the installation

1. Download the correct MSI installer from the Table in Step 3.

Save this File to your downloads folder, or manually modify the path from the chart below to reflect your custom download location.

2. Launch the administrative command prompt.

Go to the Start Menu and search for ‘CMD’. Right click the search result and choose ‘Run as administrator’.

It is imperative to click on ‘Run as administrator’ even if you are logged in as the administrative user.

3. Type the corresponding command into the CMD prompt.

MSI installer - CMD line logging Table

MSI Installer

CMD Line Entry - Copy (Ctrl+C) and Paste (Ctrl+V)

Editor 32-bit

msiexec.exe -i %systemdrive%%homepath%\downloads\EditorV9.x86.msi /lvx!* "%systemdrive%%homepath%\Desktop\XChangeLog-EdP32.log"

Editor 64-bit

msiexec.exe -i %systemdrive%%homepath%\downloads\EditorV9.x64.msi /lvx!* "%systemdrive%%homepath%\Desktop\XChangeLog-EdP64.log"

Tools 32-bit

msiexec.exe -i %systemdrive%%homepath%\downloads\ToolsV9.x86.msi /lvx!* "%systemdrive%%homepath%\Desktop\XChangeLog-Tool32.log"

Tools 64-bit

msiexec.exe -i %systemdrive%%homepath%\downloads\ToolsV9.x64.msi /lvx!* "%systemdrive%%homepath%\Desktop\XChangeLog-Tool64.log"

PRO 32-bit

msiexec.exe -i %systemdrive%%homepath%\downloads\ProV9.x86.msi /lvx!* "%systemdrive%%homepath%\Desktop\XChangeLog-Pro32.log"

PRO 64-bit

msiexec.exe -i %systemdrive%%homepath%\downloads\ProV9.x64.msi /lvx!* "%systemdrive%%homepath%\Desktop\XChangeLog-Pro64.log"

NOTE: In some cases you may be asked to log a different installer, in this case the Support team will provide you with a specific command to type in and a direct link to the installer.

4. Once this is done, you should see a file on your desktop named similar to XChangeLog-Product.log. Please send it to

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