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I have a problem with BSOD when using SaveAs on a Citrix XenServer Terminal Server

  • Knowledge Base Article: KB518
  • Created On: Jan 12, 2018 09:31 AM
  • Last Modified: : Jan 12, 2018 11:22 AM
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 When users save a file using Save As on a Citrix XenServer (Terminal Server) to a USB device the server crashes with a BSOD.



 This appears to be caused by the way atomic ReOpen is handles on these servers.



Use our Active Directory Group Polict Template for the Editor to disable atomic ReOpen and use the more traditional CreateFile/CloseHandle pair of functions.


The Group Policy Template can be downloaded from here:

This KB describes how to set up the template on a domain controller to make it available in the "Central Store" along with default templates - there is nothing unique to ours, it works like any other Administrative Template.


The Policy is found under "Miscellaneous" in the Editor's Template:

Set it to "Disabled" to use the CreateFile/CloseHandle pair of functions:



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