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I have a problem with Adminstrative rights in the Tracker Updater/installer


When I run the Tracker Updater, or the installer for one of the PDF-XChange family of products, I receive an error message similar to this one:

This happens even when I initiate the installation from an administrative account that has full privileges.


The cause of this issue is often the Brother Control Center 4 background utility. The Tracker Software Products and Brother Solutions support teams have been working together to resolve this problem, unfortunately Brother Solutions has been thus far unable to resolve the issue in their software which causes this.


1. Close all Tracker Software installer/updater windows.

2. Right-click the CC4 utility in the Taskbar's 'System Tray' area (usually on the far right near the clock).
Click the Close option:

3.  Retry the update/installation, which should then complete. You can reacquire the correct installer at any time from your account page.

If this does not resolve your issues, please email with a description of your issue so we can offer further input.

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