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I have a problem with emailing PDF using the default mail client


Though Outlook, or another mail client is set as the default within Windows, when I try to email a PDF using the Default Mail client option from within PDF-XChange Editor, I receive an error, or an alternate mail client is used.


This issue is caused by a bug in a Windows update in December 2017 whereby default file associations are occasionally not correctly observed. This behavior is particularly noticeable with mail protocols. This issue affects many applications.


The Tracker Software development team have tested this issue under the Microsoft Insider builds program whereby they can insure software is compatible with an update prior to windows making the update publicly available. The Insider builds of Windows 7 to Windows 10 indicate that Microsoft has fixed this bug. It should be made available in the next major Windows update rollout.

In the meantime, we have found that a re-installation, or an install reparation of the mail client in question correctly re-establishes the default protocols within windows. For instructions with repairing or installing your mail client please contact the software publisher.

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