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How do I Generate bookmarks with a custom zoom level

I would like to have bookmarks I generate retain the current zoom level when I place them.

This article details the use of JavaScript. While normally this is an advanced function, it has been simplfied and layed out in a way that even inexperienced users can benefit from these options. If you require assistance, or find the below options are not working as intended, please contact


By default, the PDF-XChange Editor, and most other PDF editing applications will generate bookmarks without storing zoom level information.

This can be altered with a hidden setting, by using our javascript console. In most cases this will be retained between sessions, However after certain updates, or if you reset the Editor settings, you may need to reapply this.

Steps to Enable

In the PDF-XChange Editor.

1. Open any document, then navigate to the Form tab and click Javascript console.

2. In the resulting window, Paste the below script:

app.setOption("Misc.NewDestZoom", -9)

//The output should say "undefined" if this worked correctly.

This will tell the Editor to use our Custom setting value (-9), which forces newly created bookmarks to retain the page zoom percentage during creation.

There are a few other options available, please see the Alternate options section of this article for details on how to revert this change, or use those other options.

3. Close this window and begin placing bookmarks as you normally would.

  • Adjust the page to the desired location and zoom level, then press Ctrl+Shift+B.

4. You can verify this worked correctly by selecting the bookmark from the bookmarks panel (Ctrl+B) and opening the Properties Panel (Ctrl+`). Then click the Ellipses icon to the far right of the Mouse up command.

5. In the resulting window, you can see that your zoom level was retained.

*Note, if you wish to go to a page in another document, this can be accomplished from the screen above, first remove the current "go to a page..." action, then use the Add menu, and choose "Go to a page in another document" configure it as desired and click OK.

Alternate options

In addition to forcing bookmarks to use the current page zoom, you can also tell them to use a set zoom level, or revert it to the default setting of not storing this information at all.

For the below options, Simply paste the JS code below in place of the code from step 2.

Reset Default Settings

app.setOption("Misc.NewDestZoom", 0)

//This option will ignore zoom values when creating new bookmarks

Constant Zoom Level

app.setOption("Misc.NewDestZoom", 150)

//This option will make the Default Zoom Level 150% for all newly generated bookmarks

//Use alternative numbers to represent zoom percentage, eg. if you want 250% zoom, change the value to 250

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