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How do I suppress security warnings for specific link types.


Every time I click a link I see a "Potential Security Issue!" warning message!


This is caused by the PDF-XChange Editor's "trusted list" settings; by default the Editor will prevent connections to unknown sites in order to protect you and your PC from potentially dangerous websites. As each warning appears you can suppress them for that specific site in the dialog that appears.


To circumvent this you have a few options. You can turn off all warnings (not recommended), by setting the "When document is trying to open a site" option to Allow it.

The recommended method is to add those options you trust into the trusted list. This is done from the Preferences (Ctrl+K) under Security.

As an example, we will make an exception for all "mailto:" links, allowing the Editor to freely open your default mail application anytime you click on an email link. To do this we will make use of a pattern, with wildcards and the term mailto:

1. In the Preferences, under Security, click on Add > Add File/Host Name pattern, as in the screenshot above.

2. In the window that appears, type in mailto:* and choose the Trusted radio button, then press OK:

( * is a wildcard that means, any series or length of characters before/after this location)

3. Verify that the "Location/Name" is correct, and under Trusted, the new option does say "Yes"You have now setup a new trusted location and can continue with your regular use.
If you encounter any issues during the process, please email

Administrators, Making this change via AD templates

Please see this link for a reference on how to configure most features in the PDF-XChange Editor.
For those specifically looking to handle Security events, please also see this page.

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