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How do I Obtain a Digital ID for adding digital signatures to PDF documents

What is a digital signature?

A digital signature or ID is more commonly known as a digital certificate. To digitally sign a PDF document, you must have a current (not expired) digital certificate. Digital certificates are typically issued by a certificate authority (CA), which is a trusted third-party entity that issues digital certificates for use by other parties. There are many commercial third-party certificate authorities from which you can either purchase a digital certificate. Many institutions, governments, and corporations can also issue their own certificates.

A digital certificate is necessary for a digital signature because it provides the public key that can be used to validate the private key that is associated with a digital signature. Digital certificates make it possible for digital signatures to be used as a way to authenticate digital information.

Though you can create a "Self-signed" certificate on your local machine this will only allow you to record & verify the state of the PDF document when the digital signature was applied but does not verify the identity of the signer. To comply with the most stringent legal and regulatory requirements you will need a digital certificate provided by a certificate authority (CA).

Obtaining a digital certificate

To obtain your certificate-based digital ID or timestamp service please find a list of international certificate authorities below, and start signing documents securely with PDF-XChange products today.

**Note this is not a complete list and a quick internet search for Digital ID Certificate Authority for your country will provide you with more options if required.

   Region    Code

Country Company Name
AT Austria A-Trust
AT Austria PrimeSign GmbH
BE Belgium GlobalSign NV/SA
BE Belgium Certipost n.v./s.a.
BG Bulgaria BORICA - AD
BG Bulgaria Evrotrust Technologies JSC
BM Bermuda QuoVadis
BR Brazil ITI
CA Canada Notarius
CH Switzerland Bundesamt für Informatik und Telekommunikation
CH Switzerland Swisscom
CH Switzerland SwissSign
CH Switzerland WISeKey
CO Colombia Certicámara
CZ Czech Republic První certifikační autorita
CZ Czech Republic PostSignum
DE Germany Atos Information Technology
DE Germany D-TRUST
EE Estonia GuardTime OÜ
EE Estonia SK ID Solutions AS
ES Spain Camerfirma
ES Spain Firmaprofesional
ES Spain Izenpe
FI Finland Telia
FI Finland Digital and Population Data Services Agency
FR France CertEurope
FR France Universign
IL Israel ComSign
HR Croatia AKD d.o.o.
HR Croatia Financijska agencija
HU Hungary Microsec Ltd.
HU Hungary Netlock
IE Ireland TrustPro QTSP Ltd
IN India CCA India
IS Iceland Audkenni ehf.
IT Italy Actalis
IT Italy InfoCert
JP Japan Cybertrust
JP Japan GlobalSign
KR South Korea Korea Information Certificate Authority
LI Lichtenstein FLZ-Anstalt
LT Lithuania Valstybės įmonė Registrų centras
LT Lithuania Asmens dokumentų išrašymo centras prie LR Vidaus reikalų ministerijos
LU Luxembourg BE INVEST
LU Luxembourg LuxTrust S.A.
LV Latvia Latvijas Valsts radio un televīzijas centrs
MT Malta Malta Electronic Certification Services Ltd
MY Malaysia POS Digicert
MY Malaysia MSC Trustgate
NL Netherlands Digidentity
NL Netherlands Ensured
NO Norway Buypass
NO Norway Commfides Norge AS
PL Poland Asseco Data Systems
PL Poland EuroCert Sp. z o.o.
PT Portugal Multicert
PT Portugal DigitalSign - Certificadora Digital
RO Romania AlfaTrust Certification S.A.
SA Saudi Arabia National Center for Digital Certification (NCDC)
SG Singapore Netrust
SI Slovenia HALCOM D.D.
SI Slovenia POŠTA SLOVENIJE d.o.o.
SK Slovakia Disig a.s.
SK Slovakia First certification authority, a.s.
TH Thailand Thailand NRCA
TW Taiwan Chunghwa Telecom
TW Taiwan Taiwan-CA
US USA DigiCert
US USA Entrust
US USA GlobalSign
US USA IdenTrust
US USA Sectigo
US USA Transglobal Secure Collaboration Program
ZA South Africa Trust Centre
ZA South Africa TrustFactory
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