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How do I Manage my License keys in V9

New Procedures

Changes to the Licensing system have been made in V9, and Users may now need to activate their license keys on a specific device to cover all facets of our products. We have done our best to make this a seamless process for end users, as easy as 1, 2, 3, (Apply, activate, use).

If you purchase from a Reseller, your Reseller Activation Code will still work as it did previously, and you will still need to first use the activation code to generate our full length serial keys. Those serial keys will then need to be activated once again in the software, to associate the key to the device.

Upon installation of any V9 product, your license keys should be checked for activation, and will present a banner notifying you if any keys have yet to be activated. If you have a V8 license key, please See this article for any questions you may have about changes to the licensing system.

Clicking the Activate License keys button will open our new activation dialog where you can choose to proceed with online or offline activation. This process will register your specific device to your license key. Going forward, if you need to migrate to a new device, you will need to de-register the previous device first.

If you need additional details on this feature, or have questions, please review the sections below by clicking on each header.

Automatic (Online) Activation

This is the simplest process, you only need to click the Activate via Internet button, as seen in the Dialog above.

To make this dialog appear, click the activate license key button in the banner shown within your Editor.

The product will then connect to our servers, and begin the authentication process. A few short moments later, you should see a success message, and the banner will disappear.

Our products will periodically check with the server to ensure that you have not disassociated or blocked this device from being allowed to use the license.​​​​​​

If you experience any trouble with this process, please review the Possible Error Messages section below, and then contact if your issue is not explained there.

Manual (Offline) Activation

This method is designed to be used for devices which are disconnected from the internet, as they will fail the online authentication that occurs periodically.

To begin the process, click the Activate manually (Offline) button presented in the Dialog at the top of the article. You will then see this dialog:

Carefully follow the steps detailed in this dialog. First you will need to save a file to a portable drive, then bring that file to a device which has an Internet connection, and sign into your Account Page.

On your account page, Locate the Activate Serial key Tab, on the far right:

Then click Upload File button to exchange your "Activation.request" file, for an "Activation.response" file that you will use in step 3.

Your Account page, and De-registration of Devices

There are some changes to the Account page to note.

In particular, the addition of the Activate serial key tab, for offline activations (shown in the offline activation section above), as well as the new Activation List function offered on the Your Products & Serial Keys tab:

Clicking this button will allow you to view license key activations, the date they were activated, and the name of the device this activation is related to.

You will also be able to "De-register" or "Block", any devices you wish from the list. To do so, simply check the box beside the device(s) in question, and click sign out or Block.

Blocking will prevent the device from being re-registered in the future. You will be able to manage your "blocked devices" and unblock any which have been blocked, in case of errors.

De-registering will simply prevent the device from automatically re-authenticating, and is useful in cases where you want to may re-register the device in the future.

Note that devices will periodically check to ensure they allowed to be "active" on a device. If you remove a device from this list, or block it, and someone continues to use your key on that device, they will lose the ability to use licensed features.

Possible error messages

Key does not exist

Most likely an incorrectly entered key string, common If you have tried to type in your license key. Keys can be more than 300 characters long, and typographical errors are possible. In such a situation, you will see this error message:

When this happens, please close the dialog, and then return to your User Account. From your account page, use the "copy to Clipboard" button for the key in question, and then return to the Editor. From the Editor, click "help > license key > add new..." and paste the key you have copied with Ctrl+V.

Activations Exceeded

When this happens, it indicates that you have installed the software on more devices than is allowed by your license. When you hold a single user license, you may use the license on one desktop and one of the following - either a laptop or Tablet - providing always that you are the primary user of both. Larger volumes follow the same pattern, but devices can be freely shared by all users covered under the same key. EG. A 3 user license, could be installed on 3 Desktops and 3 laptop or tablet devices, in total, provided that only those 3 users can access all 6 devices.

If you have additional devices you need to cover, you will either need to purchase a larger volume (automatically blocking your old keys) or remove some of your old devices (detailed in the "De-registration of devices" section above).

Other Errors

If an error message you encounter is not in this list, please Email with a screenshot of the specific message you are seeing. You can take a screenshot on any Windows 10 device with Shift+Win+S.

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