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Can I use the PDF-Tools 4 SDK to open and print an existing PDF file?


Can I use the PDF-Tools 4 SDK to open and print an existing PDF file?


The PDF-XChange Viewer SDK is required in order to do this. Please note that the PDF-Tools 4 SDK has limited distribution rights. It can be used to make as many applications as desired, but additional royalites must be paid for when the combined total of user desktops to which these applications have been distributed exceeds 2500.

See here for further information about the PDF-XChange Viewer SDK.

See here for the download page of the PDF-XChange Viewer ActiveX SDK.

Additionally, please note that it is necessary to complete and return the Viewer SDK license, which acknowledges distriubution limits, in order to be issued with an additional serial number for use with the Viewer SDK functions in the application code of developers.

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