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Do we need to distribute the print driver executable with our application?


Do we need to distribute the print-driver executable with our application?

We are going to install PDF-XChange printer only on customer PCs and use it to convert our metafile reports into PDFs. In this case we only need distributable files for the printer. We bought PDF-XCHANGE SDK PRO package. I downloaded the respective .zip from you website and expected to find a separate subset of distributable files there, which wasn't the case. Does it mean we should simply download "PDF-XChange 4 Drivers API SDK - Distribution file only v.4.0153" additionally and include that .exe into our installation set? Is there any other simpler way to install the printer at end user system?


If you are converting 'XMF' formats such as WMF etc. you would usually convert using our DLL libraries and there is a a full list of the DLLs required in the Help file. If you really do need to distribute the driver, you should download the distribution file and run this in 'Silent' mode available on the website:

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