MS Office Toolbar Integration Add-in

Included with both the PDF-XChange Standard and PRO, the  MSOffice Toolbar Addin tightly integrates our PDF conversion technology within most MSOffice applications:

  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS PowerPoint
  • MS Internet Explorer
  • MS Publisher
  • MS Visio

For the above applications Toolbar buttons and PDF-XChange Menu will be added to the standard Office options offering.

Note  :  One  Major  benefit  of  the  new  MS  Office  Integration  is  that  we  have  been  able  to  include  the  ability  when  converting compatible Office formats to enable 'Embedded' URL and Email support and TOC (Table of Content) clickable links to other pages and topics.

Therefore if you wish to include a URL link embedded in the text 'Click Here' with a link to say as we have - this will now function the same for mailto: email addresses - but not if you print to the driver direct - only via the Toolbar buttons we have added to your MS Office app's.