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Reseller Update: New Product Availability: PDF-XChange Editor & New Price Workbooks

Author: Chris Attrell
22 Oct 2013

Tracker Software Products is pleased to announce the release of the all new:

PDF-XChange Editor

Yes - its here - The much anticipated PDF-XChange Editor is now complete and available for Sale!

We are very pleased to advise users after some regrettable delays the PDF-XChange Editor is now ready for prime time and supersedes the PDF-XChange Viewer in all end user formats - both the FREE and paid for versions.

With a host of new and exciting features we know your going to love the Editor, after nearly 4 years in development we have listened to all your requests and suggestions and incorporated as many as possible and will continue to do so over the coming months and years.

Some of the headline features in addition to Editing are Redaction, Scan and OCR in one operation, merge multiple PDF files (with the option to include other supported formats coming soon), Expanded XFA forms support and much, much more. For more details and a complete feature list see the PDF-XChange Editor Product Page.

The FREE version is available to all and if you own a license to use the PDF-XChange Viewer PRO purchased after Jan 1st 2012 the full PRO version will be available to you using your existing Viewer PRO license details - no upgrade or new serial number required,

Download: PDF-XChange Editor now!

For more information on Licensing Details and upgrade options see the following Knowledgebase Article:

New Reseller Price Workbooks: As prices have changed with the release of the Editor, we have designed a new dynamic excel price workbook available for download, that gives retail pricing and reseller pricing in both USD and EUROs, that use information from the new Reseller Discounts section in the upper right of your MyAccount page when logged into your reseller account. Transfer the discount and EURO to USD conversion rate from your account into the first page of the pricing workbook and the USD and EURO price list pages auto calculate retail and reseller pricing, on not only license prices, but extended maintenance included at the time of purchase as well as 1 and 2 year renewals.

Download Now: Oct 2013 New Retail Price Workbook (USD/EURO) - (XLS) - 325 KB (NEW)

If you have any questions, please contact us at: or call 1 (250) 324 1621 and we’ll be happy to assist you.


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