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PDF-XChange Viewer to Editor automatic upgrade scheduled Dec 24 - Jan 2 2013

Author: Chris Attrell
20 Dec 2013


Automatic upgrades from PDF-XChange Viewer license with valid product maintenance
to PDF-XChange Editor license

Dec 20, 2013

Hi Customer ,

Due to a technial issue with our website, users are currently unable to upgrade their PDF-XChange Viewer Licenses with valid maintenance to the next major version of the viewer, the PDF-XChange Editor, via their MyAccount Page. As the new Editor serial keys will license the Editor, Viewer and included PDF-XChange Lite 2012 printer we've decided to upgrade all existing Viewer licenses with valid maintenance to an Editor license to avoid the many sales and support requests for us to process these upgrades manually, one at a time.

These upgrades will be processed starting Monday Dec 23rd, and most likely carry though until Jan 2, 2014. If you qualify, you will receive an email that includes a new PDF-XChange Editor Serial key that you can use in the PDF-XChange Viewer:  Help->Enter a Serial key.

A download link for the PDF-XChange Editor will also be included.

We have promised we would be generous when it came to offering an upgrade path to the Editor due to the delays in releasing it and in keeping with this here are the rules in regards the upgrade options that will apply;

a) You have purchased any of our products which include the PDF-XChange Viewer PRO since January 1st 2012 - your existing serial number will unlock all 'PRO' licensed functionality in the 'Gold' build of the PDF-XChange Editor - no action is required in terms of product license upgrades etc.

b) You purchased one of our products incorporating the PDF-XChange Viewer PRO prior to Jan 1st 2012 - but your maintenance expired on or after May 31st 2012 and you have not renewed your maintenance. We will provide as necessary a serial number giving full unrestricted access to the full feature set of the PDF-XChange Editor build free of charge. Please contact

c:) You purchased any of our products incorporating the PDF-XChange Viewer PRO prior to Jan 1st 2012 and your maintenance expired prior to May 31st 2012 - your existing serial number will not function in the new PDF-XChange Editor and either a discounted product upgrade or Maintenance renewal is required, please contact us with your existing license details and we will be pleased to provide further information/costings as appropriate, an upgrade option to the PDF-XChange Editor is availble to you via your MyAccount page in the Upgrade Options Tab located above you registered serial key offered to you at a 30% discount.

Going forward ...

Future updates to the PDF-XChange Editor will require you have product maintenance in place - this Gold release will not cease to function if you have a currently valid serial number - but your access to future updates will be curtailed.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Best wishes and Merry Christmas,

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