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Reseller Newsletter - Dec 2014

Author: Tracker Software Products Management
16 Dec 2014


Reseller Newsletter Dec, 2014


Hi Customer ,

As many of you will already be aware during 2014 we have invested heavily in expanding both our software engineering and support teams. This will allow us to accelerate the addition of new functionality and features in all of our existing products during the first half of 2015 with new functionality in existing products and 100% new applications and developer kits scheduled for release during the first 2 quarters of the new year.

To allow us to continue to invest further during the next 12 months at similar or greater levels in both product development and customer support we will be increasing the rates charged for maintenance across all of our product ranges as from February 1st 2015, please see the table below for specific details on how this will affect our maintenance pricing.

Extended maintenance purchased at the time of the license is increasing by 5% and Maintenance Renewals will be increasing by 7.5%.


 1st years product maintenance is free with all new product purchases. Extended Maintenance
At Time of Purchase
Maintenance Renewals in 2nd and subsequent years
Current Rate As of Feb 1, 2015
Current Rate As of Feb 1, 2015
 1 year
(2 total)
2 years
(3 total)
 1 year
(2 total)
2 years
(3 total)
1 year 2 year 1 year 2 year
End User Products 15% 25% 20% 30% 17.5% 30% 25% 37.5%
Developer SDK products 15% 25% 20% 30% 17.5% 30% 25% 37.5%

*Note: % are based on the latest retail license price for the Product/Volume published on our Website which are subject to change without notice.








Whilst we are aware that price increases are never popular, we are confident that our maintenance costs are still well below that charged by many of our competitors and represent excellent value even at these increased levels.

We trust this period of extended notice will allow you to advise your clients with upcoming maintenance anniversary's of the impending increase and allow them to take advantage of the current pricing levels before the increase is applied.

May we take this opportunity of thanking you for your continued support during 2014 and wish you the very best for the upcoming holidays and a very happy and prosperous  new year !

If you have any comments or feedback on these topics, please contact us at


Best regards,

Tracker Software Products


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