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Reseller Newsletter March 17, 2016 - Upcoming release of V6 of the PDF-XChange Product Line

Author: Tracker Software Products
17 Mar 2016


Reseller Newsletter - March 17, 2016

Tracker Software is pleased to announce the upcoming major version release of our PDF-XChange product line V6!!

In the upcoming week the new Version 6 of all of our PDF-XChange/PDF-Tools products is scheduled for release, and with it some changes to product license configuration and pricing. Here are a few of the changes that will be implemented with the release of V6.

  • PDF-Tools V6 has been completely re-engineered, and now features over twenty standard tools for batch processing existing PDF documents, converting batches of documents to PDF and much much more. Customers can use any of the included standard tools, clone and edit existing tools tailoring them to meet to their more specific needs and even create new tools using an array of action objects from a long list of available actions. The PDF-Tools V6 license bundle includes the PDF-XChange Editor, and now, the PDF-XChange Lite V6 printer as well, increasing the license price nominally for new customers.

    Note: Existing PDF-Tools 4 license holders with active product maintenance are eligible to receive a free upgrade to PDF-Tools v6 with it's new bundle configuration.

  • The PDF-XChange Editor also has a new Edition, the PDF-XChange Editor Plus which includes all the features of the regular licensed Editor, as well as the all new PDF Fillable Forms Designer/Editor and the ability to create Dynamic Stamps using the new Forms Designer. This way customers that do not require the features for creating or editing fillable PDF forms can remain with the regular PDF-XChange Editor license and those that are interested in the new component features can upgrade to the PDF-XChange Editor Plus for a modest upgrade fee.

    Note: Both the PDF-XChange Editor and Editor Plus licenses include the PDF-XChange Lite V6 printer. PDF-Tools V6 includes the regular
    Editor and PDF-XChange Pro V6 bundle now includes the Editor Plus.

  • PDF-XChange Lite V6 printer will no longer be for sale as a standalone product. The Lite printer as of V6 will be included with the PDF-XChange Editor and the new Editor Plus license. PDF-XChange Lite V6 has also been added to the PDF-Tools V6 bundle alongside the PDF-XChange Editor.

    Note: Existing PDF-XChange Lite v5 (2012) license holders with active maintenance will continue to receive build updates for the PDF-XChange Lite printer, and in the near future, special offers will be available for them to upgrade to V6 bundles that include the Lite printer such as the PDF-XChange Editor/Editor Plus, PDF-Tools as well as offer to move to PDF-XChange Standard and PRO .

  • The PDF-XChange Pro V6 bundle will now include the new PDF-XChange Editor Plus, all new PDF-Tools and PDF-XChange Standard printer package - making it a truly robust and complete suite of tools for PDF manipulation and creation and yet the cost per single user license is still well under $100.00 USD!

    Note: Existing PDF-XChange Pro v5 (2012) license holders with active product maintenance are eligible to receive a free upgrade to PDF-XChange Pro V6 with it's new bundle configuration.

  • Tracker Software Products as well in the upcoming week will be launching a new website, this will be introduced in stages, first the front end website and informational content, and in the near future a redesigned user account section will be implemented with many improvements.
  • New Reseller Pricing Workbook, as mentioned in the points above there are some new products and product bundle configurations that include new pricing, please find below a link to the new Mar 2016 price list that will be in effect alongside the release of the V6 products.

Should you have any questions regarding this newsletter, please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.

Best regards,

Tracker Software Products

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