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  • by Justin Cramer 24 Mar 2019 07:51:18
    This is a fantastic product at any price, but especially amazing considering the low cost as compared to other similar functioning pdf editors. The interface is clean, pretty and easy to use. It is extremely intuitive and has virtually no learning curve. It fit a very specific niche for me (I needed a fully functional pdf editor that could operate without limitations within an Internet Explorer extension) and did so brilliantly, but even as a stand alone product it is head and shoulders above the rest (and I tried them all). I am particularly impressed with the thoughtfulness that is evident in the design of the interface. Even Acrobat is not as well thought out or intuitive. To put it simply, it just works! I have put it through it’s paces and nothing, including Acrobat Pro DC, can keep up and do what I needed to do. I cannot remember being this satisfied with a software purchase in my life (no hyperbole). I am work in health care and I could only wish that any of the EMR applications I’ve had to work with over the years was as well-programmed, thoughtful and intuitive and this powerful little product. Job very well done! Justin C. Missouri
  • by Jose Alfonso Seoage Santamarina 14 Mar 2019 12:46:13
    I loved PDF-XChange Editor, from the moment I started using it. As a suggestion, improve the OCR because in some images it is not very thin (it does not maintain complete words and mixes lines), otherwise I have nothing to add.
  • by Daniel Ernst 14 Mar 2019 06:45:48
    the best
  • by Tiffany Harding 12 Mar 2019 23:00:51
    Like that it can combine multiple PDF's together easily.
  • by Preston Zuckerman 12 Mar 2019 09:18:51
    I've owned PDF-XChange Editor for many years and many versions. It allows me to do everything I want to my PDF files. I love it. I just upgraded from Version 5 to 7, and I like the new look and functionality (even though it's taking some getting used to).
  • by Richard Liem 11 Mar 2019 06:47:21
    Have been using PDF-XChange Editor for a long time ... since Paperport started acting up. Since that time, XChange has evolved. And the main strength is it's support, which is non existent with Paperport. With XChange there is actually someone at the other end. Will keep using XChange for as long as possible. Paperport is now history. Would like to have the ability to copy and paste as per Image Viewer, without a diminishing quality of the picture. As oit is now, with the camera button, it seems the dpi is reduced, and the pasted quality is not as good as the original. Not sure if it is my imagination or there is a way of correcting this feature.
  • by Greg Boyes 09 Mar 2019 10:36:32
    The software is great. Really good quality and functionality. Easily meets all my needs as for PDF editing. Bonus is how Tracker Software manage the licences, downloads, etc all from a single dashboard. Very slick.
  • by Matteo Zuin 01 Mar 2019 10:08:53
  • by Dick Huisman 28 Feb 2019 05:19:52
    In Dutch: We hebben bewust gekozen om met ons bedrijfsbureau te werken met PdF-XChange Editor en niet met een ander programma, omdat het een intuïtief en stabiel programma is. Wij hebben een technisch (bouwgerelateerd) bedrijf en kunnen zowel met de technische tools, als met de administratieve mogelijkheden zeer goed werken. Prima programma!! (4 sterren in plaats van 5, omdat er ALTIJD iets te verbeteren valt... ;-) )
  • by Martin Klima 27 Feb 2019 01:39:34
    i like to have a one complete solution for daily business i would be nice, to have a Server Version, which would scan for PDF's to optimize grafic compression und add OCR information in Background it's important to distribute the software as an MSI via GPO
  • by Luca Provaroni 13 Feb 2019 05:11:20
    Overall, good product. It would be interesting to have the "module" functions closer to people who are not good at programming. Surely a help, closer to the Italian user, with not complete command of the English language, would be preferable. Greetings.
  • by Rainer H. Bialek 12 Feb 2019 04:20:33
    I am using PDF-XChange Editor for many years and I am extreemly satisfied
  • by Jan-Erik Karlsson 12 Feb 2019 01:30:02
    It is easy to use.
  • by Danny Van den Heuvel 11 Feb 2019 06:08:43
    Good stable program!
  • by Kristian Zeller 11 Feb 2019 03:36:12
    For my purpose (civil engineering) PDF-XChange Editor ist the best tool.
  • by Frans van Dreumel 09 Feb 2019 08:26:03
    Excellent application
  • by Rick Morrow 08 Feb 2019 09:53:37
    Thanks for not going subscription on your customers.
  • by enrico dall'osto 08 Feb 2019 05:55:09
    In the past I tried many PDF editors buying licences and finally I found PDF-XChange that works good as I was looking for.
  • by Joseph J. Sciacca 06 Feb 2019 13:53:50
    I am beyond thrilled that there is a PDF software that allows you to do ALL the things that this Tracker Software allows you to do. The software is easy to navigate through and is definitely "user-friendly". I look forward to any updates that come down the line and many years of using this great software every day! Thank you !
  • by William Adams 05 Feb 2019 16:25:26
    Having only used this program for a few weeks, I am very pleased.
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