Product Reviews for PDF-XChange PRO

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  • by Peter Njoka 03 May 2021 05:15:31
    I am able to edit and transform PDF files with ease! I am also able to open photos much quicker than using Win 10 Photos app.
  • by Tanut Aekkuerkul 23 Apr 2021 06:14:46
    Your software is the best. It supports Thai language better than other softwares since it doesn't have font overlapping. Other software such as Foxit, PDFelement, Nitro, and etc, all have a problem with Thai font overlapping.
  • by Dany Gendreau 18 Apr 2021 13:38:24
    j`avais jammais travaillé avec , après seulement deux semaines. très bien bon produits.
  • by Klaus Graumann 30 Mar 2021 06:12:27
    ... the very good alternative to Acrobat - works great!!
  • by Steve Chambers 25 Mar 2021 06:59:08
    In most cases it does anything and everything we need to do.
  • by Polo Tecnologico per l energia srl 15 Mar 2021 01:53:16
    Excellent software to read and edit pdf files. It's a complete software with many useful features and it's very easy to use.
  • by Christophe SILVESTRE 26 Feb 2021 00:55:03
    Hi the PDF-XChange team, What i like : I appreciate the value of product and the Reasonable price of it without subscription per year. I enjoy being able to test the product before buying it. I want to use it for some pdf. I like the fact to use easily calcs. I coulded use it to modify pdf as I wanted. The act to buy was fine. I am happy about this app. What you could improve : The look of PDF-XChange PRO is little old. Line, form, controls are drawing with Thick lines. Maybe you could refresh the look. I wish I could have reordered the order of controls more easily in a form. I like to have information of your website in my own language (French). Even if i can understand english, it's a bit scare to buy something in another language. Best regards
  • by Allan Crone 25 Feb 2021 08:12:32
    Fast, feature-rich PDF tools suite and fast reactive support. I not aware of any other tools that come even remotely close. Been using it for years and will continue to do so.
  • by Julian Dunster 24 Feb 2021 18:02:15
    I had this software for a long time, well over 10 years, and recently upgraded to the new versions. It is excellent. Ideal for markups, conversion to pdf from online materials, or to other formats from pdf. Support staff are very helpful and do actually help with some very esoteric issues. Highly recommended.
  • by Lars Lanitz 19 Feb 2021 09:50:07
    ich kann .pdf - Dateien bearbeiten!
  • by D. Voortman 19 Feb 2021 06:03:10
    New OCR is perfect... Thanks VrGr Dinant
  • by Simon Rottenfusser 17 Feb 2021 06:02:10
    The best pdf software i`ve used so far, thanks a lot for developing
  • by Dzmitry Zhyvatniuk 14 Feb 2021 18:38:07
    Спасибо, в Вашем продукте всё меня устраивает, но неожиданно столкнулся с тем, что русский язык поддерживается не в полной мере и это очень огорчило. На мой запрос техподдержка сообщила об имеющейся проблеме, жду когда исправят.
  • by Christian Haase 11 Feb 2021 06:13:18
    Easy to handle. All the necessary functions. Price-performance for my use is very good. Recommended.
  • by Richard Foley 10 Feb 2021 08:31:30
    I have used PDF-XChange for years. It has many features and is easy to use. It easily connects with other software, creates small file sizes. Great program
  • by Milan Knoll 07 Feb 2021 07:20:10
    A year ago, I was looking for an application to convert word and excel documents to PDF with the ability to lock against editing and digitally signing documents. I chose this software from many options. Not only because of the localization into the Czech language, but also because of the price-performance ratio and the possibility of a permanent license. After a year of use, I have extended support and the possibility of further updates. In the future, I would welcome to improve the creation of forms, which are already at a high level. I recommend this program to everyone. Před rokem jsem hledal aplikaci pro převod word a excel dokumentů do PDF s možností zamknutí proti úpravám a digitálního podepsání dokumentů. Z mnoha možností jsem si vybral tento software. Nejen z důvodu lokalizace do českého jazyka, ale také z důvodu poměru ceny a výkonu a možnost trvalé licence. Po roce používání jsem prodloužil podporu a možnost dalších aktualizací. Do budoucna bych uvítal vylepšit tvorbu formulářů, teré jsou již tak na vysoké úrovni. Tento program doporučuji všem.
  • by Don Isaacs 02 Feb 2021 17:39:04
    I love it and when I with my new company, I told them we needed it.
  • by Richard Kuziomko 27 Jan 2021 08:47:32
    I really like the software and have been using it for years. So far have seen a few new twists and they are nice improvements, like in the Insert function. Would recommend the software to anyone.
  • by Wolf Steinmetz 23 Jan 2021 00:09:54
    Functionality: My experience with PDF-XChange Pro has been great in the last years. In fact, I have so far without exception managed to do whatever I wanted to do, and usually the solution offered is easier than I anticipated. That is to say the functionality is outstanding and I enjoy it. As is to be expected, there is a steep learning curve when you are really exploring all corners of the program. The basic features are fairly obvious and easy to reach, but for a casual user understanding and establishing one's customized setup and using all the options in a meaningful way, can be challenging. I am kind of old-school and was quite lost when I somehow inadvertently changed to the ribbon and could not find my way back. Small issues, of course. Mostly I find the right commands where I expect them to be. Reliability: Absolutely great. I had no freezing or stalling so far. Dislike? --- Not really Is there any feature I would like to request? Indeed yes - and I realize that I am running a real danger of being told it already exists :) How about an UI for dual monitor setups. One that show the document on one, and all the menus, buttons etc. an the other monitor? Support: I have very limited experience so far. (1 time) The solution came fast, easy to understand, and in a very friendly way (although it was again a case of having overlooked something in the options.) Could not have been better.
  • by Robert Dieterich 13 Jan 2021 08:40:40
    Ich bin seit über 6 Jahren überzeugter und begeisteter Nutzer von PDF-XChange PRO! Beim letzten upgrade hatte ich Fragen an den support, die mir sofort, freundlich und erfolgreich beantwortet wurden! Weiter so!