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  • by Dr. Nemo 04 Mar 2010 14:13:24
    <p>Excuse me, please...<br /> What's the point of Adobe Reader? If you have PDF-XChange - no point is the answer !</p>
  • by C 04 Mar 2010 12:30:35
    <p>Your program has no comparison. Congratulations on realizing that pdf programs can be made smaller, faster, and cheaper than the traditional alternative (e.g. - FREE!)&nbsp;. My business would not work without it.<br /> <br /> &nbsp;</p>
  • by mizdoc 28 Feb 2010 17:40:35
    <p>Thank you so much for this program. When I upgraded to Window 7, every time I tried to open a pdf document in my web browser with Adobe Reader I got an error.....it would not open! I wasn't alone, and couldn't find a fix; so I searched around and tried a few pdf readers until I found yours. PDF X-change reader works perfectly. I have recommended PDF X-change to everyone! Thanks again for a great product<br /> &nbsp;</p> <p>Mizdoc</p>
  • by Constantin 17 Feb 2010 07:34:20
    <p>The PDF XChange Viewer is just perfect. One more reason for it: running any browser other than Internet Explorer in Windows Vista with low integrity (=higher security) settings, Adobe products will simply crash or not open at all. Your portable and free program, however, is performing flawlessly!<br /> <br /> Thank you.<br /> - C</p>
  • by John Overton 15 Feb 2010 07:32:03
    <p>I really love this product. Lighter, faster and with so many easy options. Thank you!&nbsp; </p> <p>THANK YOU for providing a superb alternative to the completely over-bloated and outrageously expensive Adobe product!<br /> <br /> John O<br /> http://johnoverton.org</p>
  • by B Perry 08 Feb 2010 11:27:21
    I dont produce pdf drawings I only need to read them and until now couldn't scale between points on screen. This amazing free download allows me to do just that without buying expensive software of which 90% I wont use, not to mention the long hours I would need to find out how to use it. I can use whatever scale I need. Thank you so much.
  • by Museg 05 Feb 2010 20:10:01
    <p>I recommend PDF-XChange to anybody who wants clean software, that does what it says with&nbsp;other excellent features. I would never go back to Acrobat!</p>
  • by Richard Dolmat 04 Feb 2010 16:02:41
    I just want to say, your PDF XChange Viewer is AMAZING!!!<br /> <br /> I’ve been using computers since 1984 (Mac, PC, Linux), and your app is probably one of the best I’ve ever used!<br /> Thanks so much!!!<br /> <br /> Cheers,<br /> Richard<br /> _______________________________<br /> Richard Dolmat (Producer / Engineer)
  • by Brian 04 Dec 2009 12:45:07
    I used this software for the first time a few minutes ago. It is superb. Thank you so much!
  • by mizdoc 25 Nov 2009 00:19:25
    When I updated to Windows 7, I found that I could not open a pdf in my browser with Adobe. So I recalled trying out PDF-Xchange Viewer. Installed it and have been very happy ever since...it works where Adobe wouldn't. thanks
  • by Jocleen 08 Sep 2009 19:10:37
    My wallet thanks you, trees everywhere thank you...I THANK YOU!!! Have a great week, Jocleen
  • by Cnet Reviewer - Daytona_HDF 22 May 2009 17:33:03
    "BestPDF Markup Tool - Bar None AND FREE" by Daytona_HDF on April 17, 2009 Pros: Easy to use Full featured Highlight Underline Draw Type Notes Stamp Insert Pictures Cons: You cannot delete pages or insert new ones without buying the "pro" version for $30. It is still worth it. You can cheat and download PDFill and delete, re-order and merge pdf's for free. Summary: The best thing out there to date. Get it. Try it. Love it. Every company in the world should have this software. Can bulk license the pro version for as little as $5 per license for 500 copies. ROI from paper in under a year. http://download.cnet.com/PDF-XChange-Viewer/3640-10743_4-11016854.html
  • by April 07 May 2009 10:38:06
    I just wanted to say a massive thank you to the developers of the PDF XChange Viewer. I have been searching for weeks now for a free program that would convert my PDF files to high resolution jpegs (without the use of Adobe programs). A massive thanks as the program works brilliantly, has great export options and is easy to use. Many thanks again! April
  • by Tom 27 Apr 2009 08:41:29
    PDF XChange Viewer: the best pdf viewer out there. Keep up the good work and try to update and fixing the powerful free version
  • by myxiplx 25 Mar 2009 18:40:42
    Well, you asked me to let you know how the rollout went - incredibly well is the reply! You guys have the honour of being the first software company to ever have users phoning me up to say how much better and faster the new program is. In thirteen years of working in IT, I don't think I've ever seen this kind of response to a product. We have had a few teething problems, but they were all with specific PDF files in the first couple of days, and I've not heard a single complaint since then. I've raised all the issues with docu-track already, but the short list of problems we've found is: doesn't handle 3D fair enough really, we can wait for this slow with some (complex) drawings it's faster than Acrobat though, and docu-track have ideas to fix this already! some illegible printouts This was just for one specific PDF, and printing in image mode is a valid workaround. looses text formatting when editing PDF's created in Nitro Hopefully this will be fixed in a later version, but Acrobat couldn't even edit PDF's, so I'm not going to complain about this . No Undo function, and Copy/Paste function not working I understand that all of these are in active development - and I guess this is what you get for rolling out a beta So in Summary: We rolled out a beta version of PDF XChange Within a few hours users were commenting on how good it was We had no major problems during the rollout And have had zero complaints in the last 10 days It's noticably faster than Adobe Acrobat The MSI rolls out really easily It's not likely to be as vulnerable to the usual PDF viruses There's no way we're going back to Adobe now. PDF XChange is going to be our default viewer for the foreseeable future, and we'll definitely be looking at docu-track's other products for generating PDF's too.
  • by Peter Aschbacher 10 Mar 2009 20:11:40
    Hi, I just want to say THANK YOU for this fantastic software program! This is really one of the best programs I ever had, ten times better than Adobe Reader! Please keep your good work, and best wishes for success and prosperity! Kind regards, Peter Aschbacher
  • by Benny 03 Aug 2008 17:40:29
    In running Server 2008 x64 (modified to workstation) on Q9450, im in constant search of 64 bit software to replace old 32 bit tech and utilize my system more. Well this is the only 64 bit PDF viewer and boy its fast, I compared it to latest Adobe reader 9 (tweaked with no plug-ins) and Foxit reader 2.3, what I did is simple took 300 page 70mb pdf and scrolled from first page to lowest ads fast as possible. The only software witch did it SMOOTH in seconds was PDF-Viewer, I was AMAZED. Another big surprise is that the software actually supports Multi Core , up to 8 Threads. You can leave it Auto or decide 1,2,4 or 8 threads. I changed everything to 1 and it still worked as fast as before. Well this software made with love by Geeks like me who want to squeeze every beet of performance possible, even big company like Adobe don’t have ANY 64 bit software yet. So yes, this software is Officially fastest PDF viewer in the world and only one 64 bit and Multi Core support!! Thanks you for such great gift to US. Best Regards, Benny from Israel.
  • by Manthe 27 Jun 2008 06:22:46
    I'm writing to leave a simple thank-you for the developers. I started my simple PDF editing needs some time ago using Adobe Acrobat versions 4 and 5, and stopped upgrading from there because of the costs. I've found several means to generate PDF documents, previously using PostScript printing and Ghostscript conversion, and more recently just using the interface to those program provided by PDF Creator. My needs for editing PDF documents have been rather simple too, in that all I really do is import, export, delete, rotate, crop ... etc. the pages of a PDF document. About the only thing I might consider unique for my usage is the occasional need to extract an image stored in the PDF file (Acrobat worked really well for this). For working with pages, I've pretty much stuck with some free tools such as: PDFTK Builder and PDFFill. What I found really great about PDF X-Change Viewer is that you provide a graphical/visual means for cropping a page. Most of the free tools I've found only allow you to enter measurements for how far to crop in from the edge ... it just takes too many times doing it that way before it is right. I even looked at how Cute PDF did there cropping, and for a paid product it was no better than the free tools. I've looked at other commercial tools too that could perform the above, but they end up charging again too much for just the features I need. They start bundling all the PDF creation and form editing features I don't use. So, when I finally came across your viewer last week, I played with it for a few days and thought it fit my needs perfectly! And, when 3 licences cost only $60, I can't justify using any other free programs anymore. So, I bid you a simple thank-you and am eager to use image extraction in the PRO viewer once you add it.
  • by Heidi 19 Jun 2008 10:06:59
    The latest release of xchange viewer is perfect now for what I want . THanks so much. I especially appreciate the ability to group comments by color, this is absolutely invaluable for writing essays on books. Thank you! Keep up the good work.
  • by sq_leonhart 19 Apr 2008 03:47:33
    Just want to show my appreciation and let you guys know I love the program so much, especially the following features: · The isolated first page (the cover) in Facing mode -- makes it like the real document since some soft copy of documents use the whole two (facing) pages to put a very large picture · A very smooth rendering of pages, even when zooming · Tabbed PDFs (more excellent if we can rearrange the tabs as well!) · Tabs thumbnail · Right-clicking on Tabs lets you open containing folders · A generally practical side-pane design (as an example the zoom in/out buttons for the page-thumbnail/bookmarks pane) · Asterisk on a modified and unsaved document · The button at the bottom right corner that allows you to open a PDF on a different program and opening it on the same spot. · and other various minor details you guys have paid attention to I've gone PRO since I can't live without the bookmarks. The coming features look exciting (page insertion & extraction etc). looking forward to them Cheers