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  • by Carlos Franco 14 Mar 2012 08:34:29
    No doubts that it's one of the (if not the) best PDF viewer!
  • by freeworld 07 Mar 2012 17:33:11
    just perfect
  • by Fabricio Lima 01 Mar 2012 17:45:01
    <p>is just the best i have tried, and i have tried a lot<br /> well, almost. i want this for my linux too</p>
  • by K MD 25 Feb 2012 11:56:15
    <p>I have used PDF Xchange Viewer since when Adobe ruled the world about 10 years ago or so. Have been a sincere user of this app. I can't think of any other PDF viewer that has so much capability than this one. This one is a keeper folks. Adobe is a big time bloatware, more like an anchor. Kudos to the team.</p>
  • by Peter V 23 Feb 2012 17:31:51
    <p>The best since sliced bread. What I like most, besides the great interface and tools, is that it not as ANNOYING as ADOBE. Seems like Adobe updates and installs stuff constantly, and slowing things down. This program is GREAT. I've been using the free version for quite some time and it is &quot;the cat's meow&quot;!!!!</p>
  • by Steve 07 Feb 2012 00:42:44
    <p>I always wondered why the traditional pdf reader (put out by Adobe) never included something as obvious as an easily functional bookmark.<br /> So as I started using PDF Xchange, I never looked back.<br /> <br /> Thanks so much to all the people at tracker software for their contribution to readers every where.<br /> Hip,Hip,Hurrahhh..<br /> Steve (In Toronto, Canada)<br /> &nbsp;</p>
  • by Abd Muis 03 Feb 2012 08:12:34
    <p>The new FREE OCR feature rocks. I've been trying to OCR my pdf Cad drawings using other standalone OCR softwares but repeatedly failed especially when the size is bigger than A3 size.<br /> <br /> Can you add batch processing so that the more repetitive tasks like printing, ocr etc is faster.<br /> <br /> Thanks for a great product which has now permanently replaced Acrobat on my pc.</p>
  • by Jan Müller 31 Jan 2012 22:55:47
    <p>My favorite PDF-Viewer as a master degree student !<br /> 1) Opens large pdf-files with several hundred pages and images in no time<br /> 2) Lets you annotate lecture scripts, insert bookmarks and highlight passages for textual working<br /> 3) Lets you save and edit your changes<br /> 4) Great development support for my other favorite academic research tool docear<br /> {BASE_URL}/forum3/viewtopic.php?f=35&amp;t=12274&amp;p=55596<br /> <br /> Thank you for developing a great software and keep up the good work.</p>
  • by remy constant 30 Jan 2012 05:12:17
    <p>No doubt - it is the best !<br /> Forget everything about reader and user only this one :)<br /> Regards.<br /> remy<br /> &nbsp;</p>
  • by Lawrence 24 Jan 2012 03:34:28
    <p>One of the first pieces of sofware I add to new computers. Enough said.</p>
  • by Lio 11 Jan 2012 10:35:29
    <p>This is the best PDF Reader.<br /> The features that I like more are:<br /> - It is very fast to open many documents at startup (when the last session is restored).<br /> - It is very fast when scrolling between pages (also for huge documents)<br /> - The documents can be edited to add notes and to highlight interesting text<br /> <br /> The only thing I would like to be added is a session manager to load and save many sessions (not only the last)</p>
  • by Clayton 03 Jan 2012 06:29:46
    <p>Just awesome! Most complete and powerfull pdf viewer!</p>
  • by Nikolai 05 Dec 2011 05:50:52
    <p>Possible the best PDF reader ! Adobe Reader like a Hulk, last FoxIt Reader came with some bugs that making reading sometimes impossible, but PDF Viewer is excellent !</p>
  • by Роман 02 Dec 2011 10:33:05
    <p>PDF - супер редактирование pdf файлов. Все просто и понятно!</p>
  • by Ken MacDonald 24 Nov 2011 02:24:49
    <p>Perfect for filling in on-line forms (e.g. HMRC), saving them, then re-opening them later to edit the data if required.</p>
  • by Graham Goater 19 Nov 2011 04:44:42
    <p>I've used PDF-XChange Viewer (Free) for the past three to four years. This is the only PDF Viewer product that I would think of using. It's solid, reliable and very easy to use. Today was the first time I really wanted to edit a PDF file and I could see that PDF-XChange Viewer's PRO features could do what I wanted. I had no hesistation in buying the PRO licence. Now, what was already a great product for me is now a fantastic product for me. I have no reservations in recommending this software; it enhances office productivity on your PC or on the move with the Portable version. GrahamG, Cambridge, UK</p>
  • by Thomas Henning 17 Nov 2011 20:35:24
    <p>Hallo Leute!<br /> Ich hatte bisher immer den Adobe Reader installiert, weil er umsonst war und weil man ein PDF-Programm braucht. Es hat mich aber gest&ouml;rt das der Adobe Reader den man umsonst bekommt so viele L&ouml;cher und andere Fehler hatte. Also bin ich bei den bekannten Zeitschrift-Webseiten auf die Suche gegangen und bei Chip.de wurde ich f&uuml;ndig dort gab es die Download-Charts: Top 100 PDF-Tools der Woche. Ich habe mir alle angesehen und habe mir dann den PDF-XChange Viewer von tracker-software.com heruntergeladen. Bis heute bin ich mit dem Programm mehr als zufrieden und kann es nur empfehlen.</p>
  • by Fernando Vargas 15 Nov 2011 09:40:25
    <p>This is the best PDF viewer/editor I have ever used, but we need a Linux version please!</p>
  • by User 30 Oct 2011 06:25:18
    <p>Fantastic tool, after 5 minutes of working with it I realised it's many times better&nbsp;than the other PDF tools we've tried. Excellent product.</p>
  • by crybaby888 24 Oct 2011 03:32:31
    <p>I have been searching for a program like this for years. Great quality of the conversions, very easy interface. Just excellent!</p>