Image-XChange SDK

Image-XChange SDK

Image-XChange SDK has currently been discontinued. On the release of all Version 5 PDF related SDKs, Image-XChange libraries will be incorporated into these products Free of charge.

Current version: 4.0.315.0

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 95 and Later

Image-XChange SDK allows developers to build in Raster format Imaging (and EMF/WMF to Raster) support for their applications and distribute Royalty Free our Library DLL's with their end user applications. Image-XChange SDK is a comprehensive and expanding set of professional tools designed for use by software developers for the creation and manipulation of highly optimized Image format files. None of our products require any 3rd party DLL’s or tools installed to function once compiled within the Developer's final application. Image-XChange is complimentary and fully compatible to all of our PDF and Imaging Developer Toolkits.

As well as Library methods - comes with COMPLETE ACTIVE-X/OCX Object for easy ADDITION TO YOU PROJECT

The current list of functions and methods available is too detailed to list here and we recommend all interested parties download the fully functional evaluation which includes help files and sample applications - describing the available functionality. Here is a sample of some of the headline features:

  • Fully compatible with our other Imaging and PDF Developer Toolkits
  • Image Viewer ActiveX component
  • Converts supported rasterized file formats to any other supported rasterized formats
  • Scroll, Zoom, Scale, Stretch, Rotate, Flip, Crop  images
  • Load/Create images from File/Memory/Stream/Clipboard
  • Insert/Delete/Move Pages
  • Apply filters: Despeckle, Deskew, DustScratch, Matrix, Median, Noise
  • Change DPI, Gamma Correction, Alpha Channel values
  • Convert Images to Grayscale
  • Adjust Blending, Contrast, Brightness, Color balance, and more
  • Memory Management
  • Scanner Library including both Twain and WIA driver support

Image-XChange SDK is compatible with all Windows Versions from Windows XP** and later 32/64 bit.

*Image-XChange is slated to be discontinued and integrated into PDF-XChange PRO SDK soon.

** Limitations to product support for Windows XP

Demo Limits

Evaluation versions of our SDK software are fully functional, allowing the testing and full utilization of all SDK features, Developers need to be aware that any test documents will have a demo watermark placed on every page of any  image created or modified with the evaluation versions.

We recommend which ever option you decide is best suited for your needs - that you use the evaluation SDK's to the maximum prior to purchase to ensure satisfaction and only purchase when ready to recompile you completed application ready for distribution to your clients - with your license strings, to remove the demo watermarks restrictions.

As we do not offer refunds after issuing licensing info.


The Image-XChange SDK is available on a Royalty Free distribution basis (for the ActiveX/DLL libraries) to software developers to build raster image viewing , creation and manipulation support into their software applications provided only that they are for end user use (not as part of a tool for software developers) and may not be redistributed in a standalone sale - but must form part of a package the developer has created and for which TIFF file creation will not be the primary function - but an added value option.

Please see the license contained in the evaluation version download for details.