PDF-XChange Lite

PDF-XChange Lite

A simplified version of PDF-XChange Standard virtual PDF printer.

This product is included with the purchase of PDF-XChange Editor & PDF-Tools!

PDF-XChange 'Lite' is our ever popular solution for the creation of Adobe compatible PDF files from virtually any Windows application, the list is endless. PDF-XChange 'Lite' is FREE for non commercial use and is a simplified version of our PDF-XChange Standard print driver - retaining the 'Industrial' strength PDF creation engine shared by all of our PDF creation tools!

Ideal for Home users, Small business and all those requiring a simple yet highly efficient way to create PDF files using our award winning PDF technology to create the smallest PDF files available . PDF-XChange Lite is installed as a virtual printer in your printers list that you can print to PDF from any Windows software application.

**Please note that PDF-XChange Lite is no longer for sale as a standalone product but is included with PDF-XChange Editor, and now, PDF-Tools license purchases - see Special Offers below. Existing owners of PDF-XChange Lite standalone licenses will continue to receive free updates to new version releases with active product maintenance.


Offer 1: For Commercial/Business, Tracker Software Products is pleased to offer our Commercial/Business customers who have purchased licenses for the PDF-XChange Editor and PDF-Tools   the means to convert to PDF from any windows based application with a 'FREE' copy of PDF-XChange Lite. Editor and PDF-Tools license keys will license the PDF-XChange Lite directly. - more info

Offer 2: For Home/Academic, We are now offering PDF-XChange Lite for FREE - no strings or catches, the only restriction being you must not use for business or commercial use in any way - so now all home users/students have access to a truly robust, 'industrial' strength PDF creation tool, for use with any Windows application - just open a document and 'Print' to PDF-XChange Lite to create your PDF files! - more info


PDF-XChange 'Lite' 2012 features include:

  • Re-engineered with a faster, highly optimized XPS based conversion engine (NEW)
  • Improved image conversion (NEW)
  • Improved conversion of imaged text characters (NEW)
  • Improved font management (NEW)
  • Terminal Server/ Citrix Compatible
  • Multi-Language UI support
  • Output Documents from any Windows Application Create new PDF file
  • Control Basic Paper Settings including paper size & scaling; Basic graphic resolution settings; and normal, n-up and booklet layout settings.
  • Add Custom PDF Forms to PDF documents during creation. 
  • Control how and where you save your converted PDF files or let's you use standard Save As Dialog.
  • Embedded fonts support
  • Create PDF files with clickable literal URL links (http;//, mailto:) intact after converting to PDF.
  • Resolution - Max Output 2400 DPI
  • Mirrored Printing Supported
  • Add Document Information/Metadata/XP Metadata
  • PDF Files automatically optimized using world leading compression
  • Windows XP > Windows 10
  • ** A PDF-XChange Editor or PDF-Tools license, qualifies for PDF-XChange Lite - Absolutely FREE! (commercial use included)


PDF-XChange Lite V6

PDF-XChange Lite V6 gives users the ability to control basic paper settings including scaling; basic graphic resolution settings;and normal, n-up and booklet layout settings as well as the ability to manage embedded Font data.

PDF-XChange Lite v5.5 (2012) supports all Windows (32/64 bit) operating systems from Windows XP** and later.

Version 5 (2012): Microsoft/Citrix Terminal Server compatible*.
Version 4: Microsoft/Citrix Terminal Server compatible*.
Version 3: Still available for Windows 95 and later.

* Note: Though many users have virtualized some of our component products such as the PDF-XChange Viewer and PDF-Tools application using XenApp, we do not support this at this time. Particularly the printer drivers are not designed to work in a virtualized environment.

** Limitations to product support for Windows XP

To experience the best performance of our products on all Windows operating systems, the onus is on users to ensure that they have all the latest available Microsoft Windows Service Packs & Updates installed.

Please feel free to try any or all of our evaluation versions - none have any kind of time limitation or function restrictions, save that any documents converted to a PDF or an Imaging format will contain a demo stamp/watermark. (see below)

Should you decide to purchase the product in question, all new content is created without this watermark and your pages will be free and clear of such an evaluation image.

We guarantee none of our evaluation products requires registration or contains Spyware, Adware or any other invasive content - and each product allows you to easily uninstall at any time from the Windows Control panel - 'Add/Remove software' option!


PDF-XChange Lite is available in an 32/64 bit .EXE installer only.

Avg. Score From 14 Reviews : 5/5 Stars
  • by Clinton McLellan 13 Jan, 2016 11:23 AM PDT
    No fuss software! Thank You
  • by Detlef Lange Softwaresupport 05 Jan, 2016 03:23 AM PDT

    Ich bin Software-Trainer in Hamburg (www.dlsos.de) und liefere PDF unter anderem als Unterrichtsbegleitmaterial aus. Mit diesem Tool produziere ich schnell, gut und kostengünstig. Außerdem empfehle ich den Editor für Büroumgebungen.

  • by Triny 14 Sep, 2015 11:11 AM PDT

    Excellent product! I enjoy to use it. Can recommend everyone who needs lightweight and smart soft to get pdf-documents.

  • by Cheong, BH 21 Nov, 2014 09:34 PM PDT

    This is great software. It's good not only because of its performance in terms of size and speed, it's also excellent because of its humane design, friendliness, and offer. You will know what I mean after giving yourself an opportunity to try it.

  • by Sonia Paquette 09 May, 2014 01:54 PM PDT
    PDF-XChange Lite is one of the reason I do not switch to Mac. I use it that much. I don't understand paying upwards to 100s of dollars for Adobe when this is so powerful and basically provide the same features (when you are a small business owner).

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