PDF-XChange Viewer ActiveX SDK

PDF-XChange Viewer ActiveX SDK

A ready-to-incorporate version of the end user product PDF-XChange Viewer with all the functionality embedded in a developer's application.

Current version: 2.5.322.10

Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP or later

Please note that as of 12th March 2021, this SDK product is no longer available to purchase, and maintenance agreements/product updates for it are expected to cease at the end of 2022. When all maintenance agreements have expired we will no longer be releasing any new SDK updates, although all existing products will continue to operate as normal. We thank you for your interest and use of these products, but they have come to represent a very small fraction of our sales revenue, and it has become clear that our business model should be updated to exclude them. Further information about this is available here.

Viewer ActiveX SDK is a fully featured, ready to incorporate facsimile of the End User PDF-XChange Viewer Pro, embedded within a Window of the developers application, the developer is able to hide and disable most of the controls and functions within the SDK and some GUI tailoring is possible - but Tracker Software branding is present and required from the 'About' Window of the embedded viewer.


Please note - this product is made available as a simpler and cheaper alternative to the PDF-XChange Editor SDK - it is now no longer being developed and no feature additions or bug fixes are available ! 

If you opt to pay for extended maintenance - should you subsequently choose to upgrade to the Editor SDK you will receive a full credit in return against the purchase price of this SDK - exclusive of maintenance, so the maintenance is a form of 'upgrade' guarentee and contribution towards support for this product.


Note The PDF-XChange Viewer ActiveX SDK requires that you return a completed License Distribution Agreement, included with your installation, to Tracker Software prior to being released your serial key and developer code.

Please complete the Agreement, included with the installation, and email it to sales@tracker-software.com or fax to our office at 1-250-324-1623.


Viewer ActiveX SDK include all of the available Viewer PRO features:

  • Add Comments and Annotations to any PDF file (subject to security settings) - unlike the Adobe® Viewer which requires the PDF creation tool to be 'certified' by Adobe®
  • Add & apply Custom Stamps from any Image or PDF File and even your Windows Clip board !
  • Support for PDF File Attachments (portfolio)
  • Customize User Interface (Toolbar options etc)
  • Measurement Tools incl. perimeter and area
  • Mark-up pages with text and objects
  • Type directly on any PDF page, not just Adobe enabled forms documents - in Typewriter mode.
  • Export PDF pages or entire files to any one of the supported Image formats including BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG and many more ...
  • Extract text from a PDF page/File
  • Make your navigation of large or complex PDF files both simple and enjoyable with the extended functionality of our 'Loupe' and the 'Pan' Window tools
  • PDF Security Support including 40/128 bit RC4 and 128/256 bit AES Encryption Password and Permissions Add/Edit
  • Fill and Save Adobe Forms to disk, email or 'post' !
  • UI Customization (color scheme, borders, scroll bars visibility).
  • Full Javascript Engine included
  • Store/Restore of last opened files (last session)
  • Updated JPEG2000 Compression support - improving speed.
  • Plug-Ins for both MS IE or Firefox Browser's included
  • Integrate seamlessly with your favorite translation software to translate text on the 'fly' - including :  ABBYY Lingvo 12, Translate It!, Lingoes.
  • Includes comprehensive Help file and PDF Manual - no extra downloads required to add features etc.
  • Send PDF files via email from viewer
  • Undo/Redo functionality for text editor
  • Set default viewing preferences for PDF files
  • Import/Export Reader default settings
  • Compatible with Windows 2000 and later (32/64 bit)
  • Ruler, Snap To Grid and Guidelines
  • Add/Edit/Move Bookmarks
  • Delete Pages
  • Move Pages - By Drag&drop in Thumbnails View.
  • Insert/Import Pages (from existing PDF files) 
  • Extract pages to a new (PDF/Image File)
  • Crop Pages/Files  
  • Flatten Annotations/Comments
  • Insert Blank page
  • Summarize Comments
  • Export Comments
  • Scan Direct to PDF
  • Create new PDF documents from text and RTF files
  • Convert 15 supported image formats to PDF
  • Add Digital Signatures (incl. time stamps)


PDF-XChange Viewer ActiveX SDK  supports all Windows (32/64 bit) operating systems from Windows XP** and later.

Version 2.5: Microsoft/Citrix Terminal Server compatible*.

* Note: Though many users have virtualized some of our component products such as the PDF-XChange Viewer and PDF-Tools application using XenApp, we do not support this at this time. Particularly the printer drivers are not designed to work in a virtualized environment.

** Limitations to product support for Windows XP

To experience the best performance of our products on all Windows operating systems, the onus is on users to ensure that they have all the latest available Microsoft Windows Service Packs & Updates installed.

Demo Limits

Evaluation versions of our SDK software are fully functional, allowing the testing and full utilization of all SDK features, Developers need to be aware that any test documents will have a demo watermark placed on every page of any PDF created or modified with the evaluation versions.


We recommend which ever option you decide is best suited for your needs - that you use the evaluation SDK's to the maximum prior to purchase to ensure satisfaction and only purchase when ready to recompile you completed application ready for distribution to your clients - with your license strings, to remove the demo watermarks restrictions.

As we do not offer refunds after issuing licensing info.


Client Distribution
Pack (CDLP)

 Base PDF-XChange Viewer SDK 25K
 Not required if you own our other PDF SDK's
 Larger/Royalty Free

If a developer does not own any of the above SDK's, the purchase of a PDF-XChange Viewer SDK Base Pack is required prior to purchasing any Client Distribution. License packs.

The PDF-XChange Viewer SDK is not a Royalty Free product as standard - however special rates may be negotiated for large Client Distribution License packs.

Important : Either a PDF-XChange Viewer SDK Base Pack or one of our other PDF-XChange/PDF-Tools SDK's must be owned - prior to additional CDLP License packs being purchased.

Please note our default download includes both the Viewer Active SDK and the Simple DLL SDK versions.

Avg. Score From 1 Reviews : 5/5 Stars
  • by John Aitchison 18 Apr, 2011 09:50 AM PDT

    After looking at all of the other SDK’s out there, I was on the edge of mental breakdown because I wasn’t sure we were going to find a suitable candidate for our product.

    Then I found Tracker-Software which is the holy grail that my boss claimed we probably wouldn’t be able to find! I’m so pleased with your software and all the service that you have provided.

    Thanks a million. Take care,

    -John Aitchison

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