Allows you to convert images and documents to TIFF format quickly and easily

  • Acts as a “virtual printer,” allowing you to “print” images and documents to TIFF format
  • Compatible for 32-bit operating systems only; users requiring 64-bit support should purchase Raster-XChange

Current version: 3.22.335

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 95 & Later

TIFF-XChange acts as a virtual printer - meaning that when output from any Windows software (ie: MS Word, Excel, AutoCAD etc) is printed to TIFF-XChange it captures the document and converts it to a TIFF file. If you are using a 64 bit Windows system - please see Raster-XChange as an alternative suitable for this platform

If you are a Software Developer looking for a TIFF file conversion/output device, the TIFF-XChange SDK offers a comprehensive set of features with access to the API library, drivers for all 32 bit versions of Windows and Royalty Free distribution permitted with your end user applications.

This product has been discontinued.

  • Create Mono(1 bit) thru full Colour(24 Bit) and 8 bit Gray Scale files

  • Compression options available PackedBits,CCIT Grps 3 & 4 Resolutions available 50-600 DPI

  • Varied Paper Sizes including custom

  • Design/Edit and Apply WaterMarks to documents

  • Save to a Generic File Name & Location

  • Save to a File Name via Macro settings

  • Inherit the output applications File Name when saving

  • Append Pages to an existing File

  • Call a Viewer or Users Chosen application after file creation

  • Versions supplied for all Windows 32 bit Operating Systems (95+)

TiIFF-XChange: Page Settings

Here you can alter numerous settings - most of which will be obvious, although please note that even if you make changes here - it may be that your application will override these - for instance MS Word will set the paper size of the output to that set in your document - so be aware that the document or source file generally has command over some of these settings irrespective of the default settings applied.

TIFF-XChange: Color/Compression Settings

You can set the file properties for the TIFF file you wish to create - specifically the compression and colour properties of the file concerned.

TIFF-XChange: Watermark Settings

Using the watermark function of TIFF-XChange allows you to create and apply (and save for future use) watermarks to apply and print on your output - excellent for copyright statements and such like - or a 'Private & Confidential' stamp etc !

TIFF-XChange: Save Settings

The default is to 'Ask for filename ...' when installing - but if you change this you can define your own default path and filename (this will copy over the file after each print - or append to the file if the append switch is set on).

TIFF-XChange: Finish Settings

If the default option of 'Run Application after Printing' is selected the default viewer as associated in Windows for the TIFF file type is used to view the file - unless you change the option to 'Application' - you can then browse and specify your own chosen application to be called at the end of the print job - this can be another viewer or any other program and does not have to be a viewer specifically.

TIFF-XChange supports all 32-bit Windows operating systems (Windows 95 up to Vista 32bit).


If upgrading to a 64 bit system Raster-XChange creates TIFF files in a 64 bit environment.

** Limitations to product support for Windows XP

To experience the best performance of our products on all Windows operating systems, the onus is on users to ensure that they have all the latest available Microsoft Windows Service Packs & Updates installed.

Please feel free to try any or all of our evaluation versions - none have any kind of time limitation or function restrictions, save that any documents converted to a PDF or an Imaging format will contain a demo stamp/watermark. (see below)

Should you decide to purchase the product in question, all new content is created without this watermark and your pages will be free and clear of such an evaluation image.

We guarantee none of our evaluation products requires registration or contains Spyware, Adware or any other invasive content - and each product allows you to easily uninstall at any time from the Windows Control panel - 'Add/Remove software' option!