Free Stamp Collections for PDF-XChange

We have put together list of Free Stamp collections for use in PDF-XChange Free or PRO, some we have created and some
have been created and submitted by other PDF-XChange Viewer users. More will be added soon.

To add these stamp collection to your PDF-XChange Viewer download and unzip then, follow the steps outlined in this knowledgebase article:

If you've created custom stamps specific to educational, scientific or industrial context and would like to share them with other users,
please send them to

Category: Publishing 

British Publisher Stamps - Black
British Publisher Stamps - Blue
British Publisher Stamps - Red

Provided by: Louise Harnby | Proofreader

US Editorial Stamps - Black
US Editorial Stamps - Red

Category: Music
 Music Notation Stamps
Category: General
Checks and marks Check Marks small Checks and

French Payment Status Stamps

Provided by: Patrice Charbonneau


Italian Stamp Collection



German Stamp Collection
Provided by: Bodo Hübbe 

Dynamic Defaults Dynamic Defaults.pdf

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