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Image-XChange SDK

Image-XChange SDK allows developers to build in Raster format Imaging (and EMF/WMF to Raster) support for their applications and distribute Royalty Free our Library DLL's with their end user applications. Image-XChange SDK is a comprehensive and expanding set of professional tools designed for use by software developers for the creation and manipulation of highly optimized Image format files. None of our products require any 3rd party DLL’s or tools installed to function once compiled within the Developer's final application. Image-XChange is complimentary and fully compatible to all of our PDF and Imaging Developer Toolkits.

As well as Library methods - comes with COMPLETE ACTIVE-X/OCX Object for easy ADDITION TO YOU PROJECT


The current list of functions and methods available is too detailed to list here and we recommend all interested parties download the fully functional evaluation which includes help files and sample applications - describing the available functionality. Here is a sample of some of the headline features:

  • Fully compatible with our other Imaging and PDF Developer Toolkits
  • Image Viewer ActiveX component
  • Converts supported rasterized file formats to any other supported rasterized formats
  • Scroll, Zoom, Scale, Stretch, Rotate, Flip, Crop  images
  • Load/Create images from File/Memory/Stream/Clipboard
  • Insert/Delete/Move Pages
  • Apply filters: Despeckle, Deskew, DustScratch, Matrix, Median, Noise
  • Change DPI, Gamma Correction, Alpha Channel values
  • Convert Images to Grayscale
  • Adjust Blending, Contrast, Brightness, Color balance, and more
  • Memory Management
  • Scanner Library including both Twain and WIA driver support


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Current Version: 4.0.315.0 (Updated on 18 Jan 2016)
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 95 and Later
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