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Do it all with PDF-XChange PRO

A product suite that includes all of the above PDF products and allows you to do pretty much whatever you want with PDFs

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PDF-XChange Viewer

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PDF-XChange Editor

PDF-XChange Lite

PDF-XChange Standard


New PDF-XChange Editor SDK Released SDKs for PDFs: Clarion® SDKs:

NEW PDF-XChange Editor SDK Released

Providing a wide range of features and functions such as PDF creation abd editing, searching, rendering and printing, importing and exporting PDF documents

PDF Related

Clarion® Developers now have the choice of using our generic SDKs, or downloading our Clarion® specific SDKs which include extra Clarion® classes, templates and examples for fast and easy integration into their Clarion® based applications.
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 Allowing both the creation (from Image file formats, Image Scanners/Web CAMS and text files etc) and manipulation of Adobe compatible PDF files, PDF-Tools is an ideal tool to compliment your existing PDF creation application or as a 'stand alone' tool in it's own right! And PDF-Tools requires no additional 'plug-ins' or applications such as Adobe Acrobat or Distiller. Also now includes the new PDF-XChange Editor* with a visual means to markup and  modify your PDF files! Or get PDF-Tools as part PDF-XChange Pro.

* PDF-XChange Editor included with PDF-Tools does not qualify for the Free PDF-XChange Lite offered with the PDF-XChange Editor purchase.

  • Scan/Import Images from any Twain or WIA device to PDF
  • Convert to PDF Text files

  • Batch convert Image file formats to PDF (allows user to mount multiple images vertically/horizontally per page)

  • Merge and/or Overlay PDF pages and files

  • Delete or extract Pages from a PDF file

  • Extract Images and Text from a PDF file to other formats. 

  • Extract formatted text and images to .RTF and .DOC and open in your preferred Word Processor etc for editing/re-formatting

  • Create & Edit Bookmarks

  • Create Thumbnails

  • Add Header/Footer style Watermark text

  • Re-number pages (i.e. after merging multiple files) - includes intelligent Macro's to automate and overprint in required location of page(s)

  • Merge (overlay) PDF pages as stationary/forms onto text or another PDF pages - in background or foreground mode.

  • Send Functions:(Applies to all file types, not simply PDF's)

  • Email (Via MAPI or SMTP)

  • FTP - FTP your Files to a Server

  • HTTP - Post files to a Server

  • Optimize font embedding in existing PDF files.

  • Add/Modify Security with both 40/128 Bit & AES encryption supported

  • Add text or Image based Watermarks to pages or entire files.  

  • Windows XP > Windows 7

  • + all the features available in the PDF-XChange Editor PRO release.  
    (please note: PDF-XChange Editor PRO is available for Windows XP and later only.)

  and much more !!!

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Current Version: 4.0.316.1 (Updated on 18 Jan 2016)
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP and later
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by Francesco 11 Jun, 2010 09:04 AM PDT

Ottimo per salvare e modificare file pdf

by Linda Stojanovska 25 Nov, 2006 06:00 AM PDT

With pdf-tools you don't need an expensive duplex scanner! All you need to do is scan the odd pages into a single pdf, flip the pages over and then scan the even pages into a single pdf (the order is backwards but read on). Then with pdf-tools (split/merge), reverse the order of the pdf with the even pages, split the odd page pdf to separate pages using a, split the even pages to separate pages using b and then merge these - in alphabetical order - into a single document. I love it. It takes me all of 45 seconds. Fantastic.

by Steve Barsell 9 Jan, 2007 11:43 AM PDT

Thank you for your prompt help installing. The information you sent to me was very helpful. I believe that I was trying to run the software before 1st saving it. PDF tools is now working correctly and I can't thank you enough for taking the time to help me with this application. Again, thank you very much. Have a wonderful new year.