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The PDF-XChange PRO SDK provides Software Developers with a means to provide Adobe® compatible PDF file creation within their software for the production of reports and other output as an alternative to printing to paper and can be used with virtually any Windows development tool, including VB, VB.Net, C#, C/C++, Delphi, Clarion For Windows, WinDev, ASP, etc etc. and includes everything we offer for PDF Creation, Viewing and Manipulation). Products included are:

PDF-XChange Drivers API SDK (V5) - a full set of Windows Print drivers for all 32/64 bit operating systems  - Windows XP** and later, and is fully Windows 8 compatible.

** Limitations to product support for Windows XP

PDF-XChange Core API - Access to the full comprehensive list of all PDF-Tools SDK library DLL functions - (including the Low Level API, Forms Creation and Digital Signature support - only available if  you have a PDF-XChange PRO SDK license)

*** Included products within the PRO SDK bundle will be updated as released, and licensed with V5 (2012) serial keys. Use of the updated product versions relies upon the licensee's entitlement to use the products (i.e. Have purchased in the past 12 months, or having valid maintenance in place).

Clarion Developers have the choice of using our generic toolkits, or our Clarion specific SDKs which offer Clarion specific Help and Examples, along with comprehensive classes and templates for all versions of Clarion from C5b and up, making its major functions simple to incorporate into their project.

*Each PDF-XChange PRO SDK License includes 100,000 end user installations royalty-free.

**NEW OCR Module Included** - Now includes PDF-X OCR SDK Module for converting image based PDF files to fully text searchable PDF files at no charge. For more information on this exciting new module and usage requirements for the free new add-on please visit our PDF-X OCR SDK Module page.

Larger distribution packages available if required - learn more


Since the PDF-XChange PRO SDK is a bundle and contains all the functionality of all our PDF related SDK's bundled together.

As well the PDF-XChange PRO SDK offers 4 extra features exclusively to this bundle:

  • Access to the Low Level API - please note that all functions in the low level API are C/C++ and no 3rd party toolkit wrappers (e.g. C#/DOTNET) are provided.
  • AcroForm creation
  • Digital Signature Support
  • OCR - create text searchable PDF's by adding an OCR'd text layer on full pages on page zones !

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Current Version: 5.5.316.1 (Updated on 18 Jan 2016)
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP or later*
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Current Version: 5.0.312.0 (Updated on 5 Jul 2015)
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP & Later
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