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27 Mar 2008

Vista Certification approved for PDF-XChange !

Works with Vista
We are very proud to announce that our PDF-XChange range of products have now gained the 'Works with Vista' logo certification from Microsoft - further assurance for our valued clients that they are not only using the very best PDF creation, Viewing and Manipulation tools - but they install and function in Microsoft's leading products too !

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24 Feb 2008

How to access your PDF-XChange V4 Upgrade options

Please read this page - carefully to avoid confusion ! 

All PDF-XChange V1-3.x  for end users - upgrade options to the latest Version 4 releases are now available to registered users of PDF-XChange - Developer options are not yet available.

Depending on what/when you purchased - you will receive a Free or Discounted upgrade against the same product and a discounted offer for other products/License types - for full info please register here.

Just because you have received an email from us as an owner of PDF-XChange/Tools - does not mean you are altready registered for upgrades - you must specifically register using your serial number, also registering on our Support Forums does not mean you are registered for upgrades - so please be sure your license is registered !

So ....

If you have version PDF-XChange V3.x ...

Please register as detailed below (you will require your serial number):

or if you are 100% sure you have already registered - using your login/password go here :

Once logged in - you will be informed what your upgrade options are.

Should your serial number not be recognised for any reason : - please contact us with your serial number and receipt/info on your purchase and we will endeavour to assist.

If you have PDF-XChange Versions 1 or 2.

Owners of Version 1-2.x are offered a 50% discount from the latest retail price - but you will need to contact us to gain access to via a special promotional offer/code - available for a limited time only - please email us with your original purchase and contact info.

This will be the VERY LAST opportunity for Version 1 or 2 owners to upgrade without making a new purchase at the full reccomended retail price - please do not miss this chance.


Tracker Software Products>
Download latest evaluation versions here :

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12 Feb 2008

PDF-XChange & Tools Version 4 - Released !

Please Note the upgrade options detailed in this 2008 news item have now expired - please login into your account to view your current upgrade options - if you have not registered your Version 3/4 serial number previously to create your account - you can do so here :

this news article is therefore available for archive reference purposes only!

We are very pleased to announce the release of Version 4
of our best selling PDF-XChange and Tools end user products.

Version 4 brings new features and an enhanced interface - but retains its fast PDF creation and our world beating file optimisation and compression features.

The feature highlights include :

PDF/A file format support - this new standard was devised to ensure that file content is such that the file will always be viewable by any conforming reader in years to come - and its content appear exactly as created - certain multimedia content is not allowed and also all fonts must be embedded in the file.

If you would like more info on PDF/A - please contact us.

PDF-XChange V4 (Standard and PRO)

Header-Footer Support - define and generate Headers and Footers automatically for all your files.
AES Encryption - We have extended the security options by adding the AES file encryption method.
n-UP page formatting - Let PDF-XChange organise and output your pages using the n-UP publishing format
Booklet Mode - Always wanted to print multiple pages in the correct order, resized to a single large page format then fold and guillotine as book publishers do ?
Preview and rescale pages - Visually view and adjust the page size before output to PDF via the preview window !

PDF-Tools V4

The changes to PDF-Tools are minor at this time - as we prepare to migrate the functionality to our new PDF-XChange Viewer PRO - this will combine the features currently available in PDF-Tools where possible and the visual interface provided now in our PDF-XChange Viewer, making any task you wish to perform creating or Modifying your PDF's easier and more intuitive to achieve.

Currently PDF-Tools V4 gets some updates to allow pages/files to be previewed as some tasks are performed and AES encryption - we have chosen not to waste further time upgrading PDF-Tools when it will shortly be replaced by the PDF-XChange Viewer 'PRO'

Upgrade policy/Info

Update - some techincal issues have delayed the upgrade notification/facility for existing users - this, we hope is now resolved and we should be able to send out upgrade information to all registered users on February 13th and 14th.

If you have V3 of PDF-XChange or PDF-Tools and purchased on or after January 1st 2007 - you will receive a free upgrade and provided we have your current email address - you will be sent details on how to claim this before January 31st.

If you have V3 of PDF-XChange or PDF-Tools and purchased before January 1st 2007 you will be offered Version 4 for a 70% discount from the current retail price, provided we have your current email address - you will be sent details on how to claim this before January 31st.

If you have V1 or 2 of PDF-XChange or PDF-Tools you will be offered Version 4 for a 40% discount from the current retail price, provided we have your current email address - you will be sent details on how to claim this before January 31st.

This will be the final opportunity for Version 1 and 2 users to upgrade at a discounted price - all future upgrades will require a new purchase at the full retail price currently published.

PDF-XChange Viewer PRO

As indicated, above we have begun work on our much anticipated PRO version of the currently available PDF-XChange viewer. This is already arguably the fastest, smallest download and most feature rich, comprehensive PDF Viewer available today.

We are merging the functionality of PDF-Tools 4 with the Viewer and adding in many new exciting features - only possible using a visual interface.

We will release the initial versions of 'PDF-XV-PRO' in the coming month or so and, whilst it will not immediately be a full replacement for PDF-Tools,we will build on the initial functionality over the coming months and are confident it will soon be a genuine alternative to the full Adobe Acrobat product - costing $100's.

If you own PDF-XChange PRO or PDF-Tools Version 4, you will receive this automatically as a free upgrade as soon as available, otherwise we will also offer the PRO Viewer as a standalone product, initially at a discounted price at around $19.95 - rising to approx $39.95 as the full feature set is available.

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27 Dec 2007

PDF-XChange and PDF/A ...

We are pleased to confirm that development of Version 4 of the PDF-XChange range of products is progressing well and to further confirm to our many users that PDF/A support will be a major feature addition  in the next full release - for all users of our PDF-XChange virtual print driver products and associated PDF creation end user utilities.

If PDF/A means nothing to you or your would like more info - please visit the PDF/A competence center web site.

Waiting for PDF/A support before purchasing?
We are delighted to confirm that this is not necessary, you can gain the full benefit of the advanced PDF creation and optimisation features of PDF-XChange now without delay - all licensed version 3 users of PDF-XChange purchased since January 1st 2007 will receive a free upgrade to Version 4 !

Latest : We expect to release PDF-XChange Version 4 on approx January 15th 2008.

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27 Dec 2007

PDF-XChange Viewer - new release !

Tracker Software are pleased to advise that build 1.031 of the PDF-XChange Viewer is now available (Both developers and End user versions) for download or if you are already an existing user - simply select the 'Help -> Check for Updates' option in the Toolbar menu's.

This new release now features Firefox integration and some important fixes and a FULLY Portable version is also available from our main downloads page which is just 4MB to download - but includes no help files etc - see here for details.

The PDF-XChange Viewer remains free for end user use (private or commercial) and a free addon for our existing PDF SDK developer clients subject to the distribution license limitations. 

More info :

End users Click here

Developer's Click here

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28 Jun 2007

PDF-XChange Viewer - new release !

Pleased to advise further improvements are now available in Build 1.021

To update from a previous build - use the Help -> Check for Updates feature

For a new installation :

Previously ....

Build 1.018 of the PDF-XChange Viewer is now available - adding many new features and improving others - here are some of the highlights:

Type on any page in any desired font 
Center or justify text
Supports CJK fonts too
Improved opening speeds
Progressive JPEG support improved
Improved speed/memory management
Multi Copy Printing
Apply from a variety of prescribed 'Stamps'
New Toolbars
Comments List and Properties
and much more

If you have installed - select the 'Help' menu and the drop down 'Update' menu

or download and install now

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28 Jun 2007

PDF-XChange Viewer ActiveX for Developer's released

New Build released June 28th, 2007

We are pleased to advise that we have today released the ActiveX version of our PDF-XChange Viewer, allowing developer's to embed rich viewing and markup options for PDF files within their software application windows !

No more need to install and 'Shell' out to other Readers - embed the PDF-XChange Viewer directly in your software applications and allow your users to view, print, Form fill - add annotations, markup and type on any PDF page + much more - all from within your applications,no external add-ons or software required !

You will amaze your clients and enrich their PDF experience - all from your software application windows !

More info here


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21 May 2007

PDF-XChange Viewer - Build 1.017 now available

Version 1.017 of the Free PDF-XChange Viewer is now available.

Those wishing to view PDF files on their Windows PC's now have a REAL choice when it comes to reading PDF files - the PDF-XChange Viewer is smaller, faster and more feature rich than the Adobe Reader which has until now been the Reader of choice for PDF files - we think that's about to change !

See the latest information here

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10 Feb 2007

PDF-XChange and Tools for Vista/64 bit Windows

Tracker Software are pleased to announce that all of our V3.x PDF-XChange and PDF-Tools products install files now combine both 32 bit and Vista/64 bit installation into a single file available for download immediately.

There is now no longer the need to download a separate installer dependant on whether you used 32 bit or 64 bit Windows PC's - our installers will sense the correct version of our products to install for any version of Windows resident on your PC (from Windows 95 or later).

PDF-XChange & Tools support's Windows 95 through Windows XP/Vista 64.

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