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Whether you own a license, or are using a free or trial version of any of our products, our Free Support Forums are available for you to post your questions to and are actively monitored by both our technical support specialists as well as development team members to ensure you get the answers you need.
Search our Knowledge base for informative articles, answers to frequently asked questions, helpful tips & "How to"  instructions specific to our products.
Find the information and documentation you are looking for any End user products on our Online End User Manuals site.
Find the information and documentation you are looking for any Developer SDK products on our Online Developer Manuals site.
If you still have questions or cannot find answers to questions you may have using the above resources you can contact our support team directly by submitting a support request email.

We at Tracker Software Products are proud of the support we offer all users of our products - whether they own a license for one of our products - or are simply using a free/trial version - ultimately we believe that all user requests, feedback and comments are all equally important and assist us in improving our products and services, to the benefit of all clients.

Naturally we hope your need for support will be minimal if not non-existent, but we live in the real world, and should there be an occasion when you need our help - as our support approach states,  we will be here to offer it!

Visit our public user forums to sample the level of support you can expect - rarely (if ever) will you see the response times or the quality of support criticized, we do not attempt to mask poor support with ticketing systems or private messages - when we respond on our forums its a public reply for all to see, unless sensitive and private data is being shared. 

Before Reporting any issue or problem - please ensure you have the latest release of the product to which you are entitled - the problem may already have been resolved  - but if you do need us for any support issue you will experience a level of assistance unrivaled in this or any other industry.

In the event your Knowledge Base/Forums search does not yield a suitable response for your needs - you will be offered further support options to ensure a speedy answer to your questions.

Telephone calls for support are not encouraged, our support staff are located in 3 differing locations, the UK, Ukraine and North America, giving us the ability to respond to your needs for around 20 hours of each work day.  Depending on the nature of your question and the time of day posted - it could be answered by a member of staff in any one of these locations.

When requesting support via email - it is important you supply us with not just a description of the problem, but some basic information of the environment  the software is operating in as this often has a direct bearing on the resolution - e.g.. :  Windows version, any other software involved in the process and if relevant, a sample file. Here are some helpful tips on How to report a bug effectively.