A flexible & power wizard driven application for batch creating, manipulating, and modifying PDF files.
Excellent for working with large PDFs or a number of PDFs at once.

Includes PDF-XChange Editor & PDF-XChange Lite printer.

Current version: 7.0.323.0
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP or later*
Single User License

USD $60.00

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Portable Document Format (PDF) is currently establishing itself as the most widespread and commonly-used format in both the online and offline world. It's used in almost every sphere of life and alternative formats are becoming obsolete. If you want to keep up with the pack then you need a method to edit and update your existing files - not to mention create new ones. PDF-Tools is the method for you. It's the only software you need for the creation and manipulation of PDF and image files. It can be used to convert files of almost any format to/from PDF, as well as perform a huge range of additional editing options. This is one of the most advanced and customizable PDF applications available worldwide – a dynamic and user-friendly solution for all your PDF needs. PDF-Tools is compatible with large PDF files and can also handle a huge number of files simultaneously – batch conversion is its strength.

Tracker Software is proud to announce that version seven of PDF-Tools was released on 01/12/2017. The latest build includes nineteen new tools and thirteen new actions in the Actions Library. There are several new features, such as the Watch Folders feature, which monitors folders and performs tool operations on files moved into them, and the Tool Report feature, which provides a step-by-step breakdown of tool operations - and a host of additional new functionality and improvements,. This includes the input files recall, which remembers the files used for tool operations in order to speed up the process when the same group of files is used with many tool operations, expanded OCR options and support of MRC (Mixed Raster Content) and TWAIN 32-bit scanners in 64-bit environments. Please see below for an extensive list of all available features and functionality. 

There are fifty-one Default Tools that can be used to convert, enhance and customize documents/document pages, as well as functionality to clone and edit these tools and their variables as you desire. Use the Actions Library to fully customize your tools and the Tool Actions Sequence to determine the order in which they perform operations. Combine fifty-five available actions to create your own tools - out of billions of possibilities.

No plugins required – just download, install and launch. All features are fully operational in the free version but they will create watermarks when files are converted. Please see below for an extensive list of available features and functionality.

Our support team endeavor to respond to all queries within eight working hours – and we are usually much faster. We are available via email at support@tracker-software.com. Alternatively, browse our free support forums for the answers to your questions.

Please note that if it is intended to incorporate and/or distribute this software with other software for commercial profit then you must first gain permission from Tracker Software.

If you buy a licensed version of PDF-Tools then you will receive two additional Tracker Software applications absolutely free:

PDF-XChange Editor – one of the fastest and most feature-rich options available to view, edit, OCR and modify PDF files.

PDF X-Change Lite – our award-winning technology that installs as a virtual printer and can be used to print-to-PDF from all Windows applications.


Create PDF Files
Create PDF Files

Create PDF files from all industry-standard formats, image files and/or text files. Extract pages from multiple sources into new PDF files. Create documents directly from your scanner or use the Split/Merge PDFs feature to create multiple files from a single document/combine multiple documents into single PDF files. 

Edit and Update PDF Files
Edit and Update PDF Files

Utilize fifty-one Default Tools to create, edit, update, optimize, convert and/or secure PDF documents.

Create Customized Tools
Create Customized Tools

Use the diverse Actions Library to create your own tools and meet highly-specific requirements. See below for an outline of available actions. 

Edit Document Pages
Edit Document Pages

Add/remove Bates numbering, headers and footers, watermarks and backgrounds. Crop, OCR, optimize, overlay, resize, rotate, insert, replace and/or delete document pages.

Enhance PDF Files
Enhance PDF Files

Change document properties, convert to PDF/A or PDF/X format, extract images from files and/or discard special PDF-standard information such as PDF/X. PDF/A and PDF/E compliance data.

Export PDF Files
Export PDF Files

Export pages from PDF files into image files, plain text (*.txt) format, MS Excel Spreadsheet (*.xlsx) format, MS Powerpoint Presentation (*.pptx) format or MS Word (*.docx) format. Use the Extract Images from PDF tool to locate and extract images from PDF files.

Secure PDF Files
Secure PDF Files

Use a certificate-based digital ID to add and sign signature fields. (Digital signatures can also be removed unless document security prevents it). Add document-level timestamps to verify signatures. Avail of certified signature fields to certify documents. Add customizable password security to documents.

Receive Two Extra Products Absolutely Free
Receive Two Extra Products Absolutely Free

If you buy a licensed version of PDF-Tools then you will receive two additional products absolutely free: PDF-XChange Editor and PDF-XChange Lite. See below for further information.

Create PDF Files

Export PDF Files

Edit Document Pages

Enhance PDF Files

Secure PDF Files

Extra Features

Three Applications for the Price of One

PDF-Tools V6

The all new PDF-Tools V6 has been completely re-designed, including over 20 PDF Batch Processing Tools straight out of the box as well as the flexibility of being able to clone and edit existing Tools and even created your own custom Batch Tools using any number of Action objects from the list of available Actions.

Batch Processing Tools

PDF-Tools V6 is a powerful PDF batch processing application with a myriad of tools for batch document creation &  manipulation. Including OCR, Split/Merge, Add Bookmarks, Watermarking, Security, and much much more...

Customized Tools

PDF-Tools V6 includes the ability to clone and edit existing batch processing tools and the power to design your own custom tools from the many available action objects, allowing you to create the perfect PDF batch tool for any job, mazimizing efficiency into your work flow.

Multilingual Support

PDF-Tools V6 offers multilingual support for it's UI in many available languages...

PDF-Tools V6 includes the PDF-XChange Editor

Edit, Annotate, highlight, re-order pages and add/modify bookmarks all in this customizable, feature rich PDF Editor/ PDF Reader that is quickly being recognized as second to none in it's class. PDF-XChange Editor is available as a free  download, or purchase a license to unlock the many advanced features like the ability to directly edit text of text based PDF files!

PDF-Tools V6 now includes PDF-XChange Lite V6

Not only do you get the PDF-XChange Editor with the new PDF-Tools V6 license but we've also added the ability to create PDF files from thirdparty Windows applications by adding the PDF-XChange Lite V6 to the new PDF-Tools bundle.

PDF-Tools 4 supports all Windows (32/64 bit) operating systems from Windows XP** and later.

Version 4: Microsoft/Citrix Terminal Server compatible*.

* Note: Though many users have virtualized some of our component products such as the PDF-XChange Viewer and PDF-Tools application using XenApp, we do not support this at this time. Particularly the printer drivers are not designed to work in a virtualized environment.

** Limitations to product support for Windows XP

To experience the best performance of our products on all Windows operating systems, the onus is on users to ensure that they have all the latest available Microsoft Windows Service Packs & Updates installed.

Please feel free to try any, or all, of our evaluation version; none have any kind of time limitation or restrictions to their respective feature-sets. The only caveat is that that any documents converted to a PDF will contain a demo stamp/watermark. (see below)

Should you decide to purchase the product in question, all new content is created without this watermark and your pages will be free and clear of such an evaluation image.

We guarantee that none of our evaluation products require registration, nor do they contain Spyware, Adware or any other invasive content. Each product allows you to easily uninstall at any time from the Windows Control panel - 'Add/Remove software' option!

Avg. Score From 3 Reviews : 5/5 Stars
  • by Francesco 11 Jun, 2010 09:04 AM PDT
    Ottimo per salvare e modificare file pdf
  • by Linda Stojanovska 25 Nov, 2006 06:00 AM PDT
    With pdf-tools you don't need an expensive duplex scanner! All you need to do is scan the odd pages into a single pdf, flip the pages over and then scan the even pages into a single pdf (the order is backwards but read on). Then with pdf-tools (split/merge), reverse the order of the pdf with the even pages, split the odd page pdf to separate pages using a, split the even pages to separate pages using b and then merge these - in alphabetical order - into a single document. I love it. It takes me all of 45 seconds. Fantastic.
  • by Steve Barsell 09 Jan, 2007 11:43 AM PDT
    Thank you for your prompt help installing. The information you sent to me was very helpful. I believe that I was trying to run the software before 1st saving it. PDF tools is now working correctly and I can't thank you enough for taking the time to help me with this application. Again, thank you very much. Have a wonderful new year.

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