PDF-XChange Editor SDK

PDF-XChange Editor SDK

This SDK is an advanced, ready-to-incorporate version of the end-user product PDF-XChange Editor that contains almost all of the functionality of the licensed version of the product. Embed a world-leader in PDF software into your own application and dynamically enhance your software with the features and functionality of PDF-XChange Editor.

Current version: 9.2.358.0

Supported Operating Systems: All Current versions of MS Windows OS's supported and with MS Service updates still made generally available

Please note that as of 12th March 2021, this SDK product is no longer available to purchase, and maintenance agreements/product updates for it are expected to cease at the end of 2022. When all maintenance agreements have expired we will no longer be releasing any new SDK updates, although all existing products will continue to operate as normal. We thank you for your interest and use of these products, but they have come to represent a very small fraction of our sales revenue, and it has become clear that our business model should be updated to exclude them. Further information about this is available here.

The PDF-XChange Editor SDK is our latest and most ambitious PDF SDK product to date. It enables third-party MS Windows software developers to incorporate Portable Document Format (PDF) creation and manipulation within their own software applications for provision to end-user clients. The PDF-XChange Editor SDK provides a wide range of features and functionality - such as PDF creation and editing, searching, rendering and printing, importing and exporting PDF documents, decoding, viewing and saving images - that developers can harness using their own innovation and creativity. Use your favourite programming environment with the SDK and create your own application to work with PDF files and images - easily viewing and editing PDF documents, creating new PDF files, working with digital signatures and even developing custom plugins for PDF-XChange Editor.

Further technical information on the PDF-XChange Editor SDK is available here.

The licensing model and cost benefit Information is available here.

It is necessary to return a completed License Distribution Agreement (which is included with your installation) to Tracker Software in order to receive your serial key and developer code.

Please complete the agreement included with the installation and email it to Sales@tracker-software.com or fax to our office at 1-250-324-1623 and we will return your completed agreement and release your codes to you.

The PDF-XChange Editor SDK includes programmatic access to all of the available End-User PDF-XChange Editor Features plus much, much more:

  • New advanced object-oriented API libraries.
  • A range of new Functions, Objects, Methods and Properties (see the online help for more information).
  • Ability to create and modify PDFs from within one library.
  • Improved PDF Low Level API support.
  • Programmatically Customizable UI - toolbars, buttons, menu items etc.
  • Improved access to text addin, for text creation and manipulation.
  • Extend Editor functionality with complete flexibility to add custom components (eg file format converters, annotations, tools, security handlers, file systems, etc).
  • Content creation and modification.
  • Create Fillable Forms programmatically.
  • Create Stamps programmatically.
  • Native Imaging functions.
  • RTL language support.
  • Add custom panes as subwindows for document viewing, etc.
  • Create developer plugins for developer applications and plugins for any licensed end user version of PDF-XChange Editor.
  • Access to Commenting Styles programmatically.
  • Export PDF pages or entire files to any one of the supported Image formats including BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG etc.
  • Extended developer access to full search capabilities and results.
  • PDF Security Support including 40/128 bit RC4 and 128/256 bit AES Encryption Password and Permissions Add/Edit.
  • Full JavaScript Engine included.

    ** All developers are encouraged to download the Free PDF-XChange Editor for a taste of the features available in the new Editor SDK
    *** Google Drive™ is not supported in
    the PDF-XChange Editor SDK due to licensing restrictions.
    **** Enhanced OCR Plusin is not supported in
    the PDF-XChange Editor SDK due to licensing restrictions.

PDF-XChange Editor SDK V8 supports all Windows (32/64 bit) operating systems from Windows 7 and later:


V4 thru V8: Microsoft/Citrix Terminal Server compatible.
Version 5, 6, 7: Microsoft/Citrix Terminal Server compatible; WIndows XP*, WIndows Vista compaible


  • We recommend that users install the latest Microsoft Windows service packs and updates before using our products, as doing so will ensure the greatest possible performance of the software.
  • Our products - in particular the printer drivers that PDF-XChange Standard and PDF-XChange Lite utilize - are not designed to work in virtualized environments such as the XenApp software.
  • *There are some limitations to product support for Windows XP and Windows Vista as Microsoft have stopped supporting them. Further information about this issue is available here.
  • If you are using Windows 7 then please ensure you have the latest release and all available fixes - otherwise you may encounter issues, as detailed here.

Demo Limits

Evaluation versions of our SDK software are fully functional, and allow the testing and full utilization of all SDK features. Developers should to be aware that any test documents will have a demo watermark placed on every page of any PDF created or modified with the evaluation versions:

Tracker Software recommends that you use the evaluation SDKs extensively - prior to purchase - in order to to ensure that you are satisfied with the product, and only purchase when you are ready to recompile your completed application (with your license strings, which will remove the demo watermark restrictions) for distribution to your clients - as we does not offer refunds subsequent to issuing licensing information.

The PDF-XChange Editor SDK is available only as an MSI installer.