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Incorporated in 1997 to develop Imaging and PDF format related software, Tracker Software have sales offices in Canada and the UK, with additional development offices in the USA and Ukraine. The main thrust of our products are PDF Document / Imaging related applications and developer toolkits.

From the release of our very first products we have welcomed resellers and distributor partners of all sizes world wide and continue to do so. 
Our experience proves to us that both larger general resellers and smaller specialist companies all offer a unique and valuable route to market for our quality products and we welcome enquiries from resellers of all sizes.

We feel that both larger and smaller companies all offer valuable routes to market for our products.

In return for your enthusiasm and knowledge we offer excellent reseller discounts, quality products and a close working relationship with all of our team - many of the best ideas for enhancing our products have come from our loyal and dedicated resellers and we look forward to continuing to build our relationships with our existing resellers and every new reseller joining us - so if you are looking for a long term and rewarding experience built on trust and quality products - contact us now using the forms below

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We welcome reseller applications from all territories.

If you are looking to provide your clients with quality products for Creating, Viewing and Modifying Raster Image and PDF format files - look no further - you have found the very best products available today, at a reasonable price.

All of our products are based around our own technology rather than open source code dependent on willing volunteers - unlike much of the competition you will encounter...

This enables us to react quickly to new functionality released by the ISO standards body and any problems that may arise, it also limits the ability of hackers and the like to create nefarious code to interfere with the workings of our products as they are not based on common code available in the open source community.

That's why we license our products and toolkits to many 1000's of other software developers looking to incorporate such technology into their software applications - scratch beneath the surface of some of the best known software applications on the market today, from some of the biggest software companies - and you may well be surprised to find our technology being used under license to create, view or modify Image or PDF format files.

Join us now - and provide your clients with the very best at a price they can afford !


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