Welcome Developers

Developers will be pleased to know that virtually all the new functionality and exciting features of our latest releases are now available for easy integration into your third-party or in-house IMS applications using our comprehensive Imaging and PDF related SDK's. Developers now have several Software Development Kit options to harness the power of our end-user product's robust offering. 

All SDK's are available for download with the same "Try before you Buy" assurances as our end-user products. Meaning you can download and integrate our fully functional libraries into your application projects completely before purchasing a license. The only restriction is that any Image or PDF files created or manipulated by our SDK products will be watermarked with a demo stamp on each page. Once a license in purchased and developer codes are integrated into your project's source code, watermarks will cease to be produced in the resulting documents.

As an added bonus, Developers have full access to our technical staff via our Support Forums or email during their evaluation of our SDK's and extensive documentation and example applications (both compiled and source files) come included with install in a variety of the most popular Windows Development languages, including C, C++, C#, VB.NET, .NET and our products are compatible with most current developer technologies for Windows.

Find out which features are included in our Software Development Kits with the SDK Feature Comparision Chart.

Tools for developers

  • PDF-XChange Editor SDK

    An advanced, ready-to-incorporate version of the end user product PDF-XChange Editor with virtually all the functionality of the end user ‘Licensed Version’ available to embed into a developer's application.

  • PDF-XChange Editor Simple SDK

    Allows developers the ability to view/print PDF files within a window embedded in their software application. Editor Simple SDK libraries are included in the PDF-XChange Editor SDK and Core API SDK.

  • PDF-XChange Core API SDK

    Provides developers with libraries and API for the creation and manipulation of fully native, Adobe®-compatible PDF files including Programmatic Digital Signing and Adobe Compatible Fillable Forms creation.

  • PDF-XChange Viewer ActiveX SDK

    A ready-to-incorporate version of the end user product PDF-XChange Viewer with all the functionality embedded in a developer's application.

  • PDF-XChange Drivers API SDK*

    Provides developers with a comprehensive set of virtual drivers that developers can use to generate Adobe®-compatible PDF files from their software applications.

  • PDF-XChange Pro SDK Bundle*

    All the features of PDF-XChange Drivers API SDK + PDF-XChange Core API SDK + Programmatic OCR library with access to all library DLL functions (including Programmatic Fillable Forms Creation and Digital Signatures).