PDF-XChange Editor

PDF-XChange Editor

The smallest, fastest, most feature-rich FREE PDF editor/viewer available!
Create, View, Edit, Annotate, OCR and Digitally Sign PDF files plus much more..

Editor Plus license includes ability to Create and Edit fillable forms

Includes PDF-XChange Lite printer.

Around 85% of the features require no license to use.
Approx 15% of the advanced features which are clearly identified will place a trial watermark on output if used without a license

Single User License

PDF-XChange Editor Plus

USD $54.50

Single User License

PDF-XChange Editor

USD $43.50

Get Dynamic. Get Efficient. Get Productive. Get PDF-XChange Editor.

Simply put: the smallest, fastest, most feature-rich PDF software available. Create, view, edit, annotate, OCR and sign PDF files – and that’s just the beginning. If you work with PDF then this fully-customizable product will optimize your work process to levels that no other product can achieve.

PDF-XChange Editor can be used to create PDF files from scanned documents, images, text files, Markdown files and much more. This software can also be used to convert Microsoft Office documents – a feature that many PDF applications do not offer. There are over thirty tools available to assist in the creation of document comments, annotations and links. These tools make editing PDFs a finely-tuned, precise process that produces documentation and image files of the highest quality. Our user-friendly functionality is diverse enough to meet the needs of all practitioners from novices to professionals.

Tracker Software is proud to announce that version seven of PDF-XChange Editor was released on 01/12/2017. The latest build includes a dynamic and fully-customizable Ribbon UI, autosave/autorecover options, a wide range of new editing features, MRC (Mixed Raster Content) support, new compression and OCR features, two new form options, expanded Snapshot and Select Text Tools, development of date macros and support of TWAIN 32-bit scanners in 64-bit environments. Please see below for an extensive list of all available features and functionality. 

Our support team endeavor to respond to all queries within eight working hours – and we are usually much faster. We are available via email at support@tracker-software.com. Alternatively, browse our free support forums for the answers to your questions.

Free stamp collections to use in conjunction with PDF-XChange Editor are available here.

Please note that if it is intended to incorporate and/or distribute this software with other software for commercial profit then you must first gain permission from Tracker Software Products.



Edit Documents
Edit Documents

Utilize a broad range of Editing Tools, document enhancing features, navigation panes and page editing options to invigorate your PDF documents. Switch between the Classic/Ribbon UI and optimize the user interface for mouse or touch-based interaction as desired.

Add Comments and Annotations to Documents
Add Comments and Annotations to Documents

Add comments and annotations to documents in a variety of formats including geometric shapes, text boxes, hyperlinks and audio files.

Edit Existing PDF Content
Edit Existing PDF Content

Enjoy the ability to edit text-based PDF content, including the options to highlight, strikeout, underline and insert text, permanently remove content with the redaction feature and measure dimensions with the advanced Measurement Tools. Please note that it is not possible to edit scanned material.

Manipulate Documents
Manipulate Documents

Create, print and email documents. Use Sharepoint, Dropbox, Google Drive and/or MS Office 365 integration to open documents directly from 'the cloud' and then use PDF-XChange Editor functionality to convert them to/from PDF. Combine PDFs into a new document. View and edit MS Word documents. Create PDF documents directly from scanned material.

Secure Documents
Secure Documents

Enjoy 40/128 bit RC4 and 128/236 bit AES Encryption that maximizes your document security. Inherent Data Execution Protection functionality saves your files from malicious malware and viruses. Use digital signatures to further enhance your security and add timestamp server verification as desired.

Customize Your Experience
Customize Your Experience

Utilise an array of preferences to customize your user interface and default options. Create your own toolbars and use the launch options to add convenient links to third-party applications. Activate the browser plugins and avoid compatibility issues.

OCR Documents
OCR Documents

Use the OCR engine to make image-based/scanned text searchable and selectable. Available in multiple languages.

And Much More...
And Much More...
  • View/edit PDF portfolio files.
  • Enable Shell Extensions for optimized Windows Explorer navigation.
  • Utilize Autosave and Autorecovery to safeguard documents.
  • Download a portable version of the software and use it any time, any place.
  • Buy a licensed version of PDF-XChange Editor and receive a copy of Tracker Software's cutting-edge virtual printer PDF-XChange Lite absolutely free.
  • See below for further information and available features.

Edit Existing PDF Content

Add Comments and Annotations to Documents

Enhance Documents

Manipulate Documents

Secure Documents

Customize Your Experience


Viewing PDFs

PDF-XChange Editor/Editor Plus V6 includes improved rendering engine for viewing high resolution PDF files with maximum quality

Commenting and Annotations

PDF-XChange Editor/Editor Plus V6 offers one of the most comprehensive sets of commenting and annotation tools available.

Editing PDF files

PDF-XChange Editor features the direct editing of PDF base content for text based pdfs (not created from scans).

Editor Plus Forms Designer

PDF-XChange Editor Plus V6 includes an all new fillable forms designer allowing users to create and edit fillable PDF forms as well as dynamic stamps.

Searching PDFs

PDF-XChange Editor/Editor Plus V6 features fast, intelligent document search capabilities.

Printing PDFs

PDF-XChange Editor/Editor Plus includes comprehensive set of standard and advanced printing options.

Multilingual Support

PDF-XChange Editor/Editor Plus includes multilingual support for user interface.

PDF-XChange Editor and Editor Plus includes the PDF-XChange Lite V6 printer

PDF-XChange Editor and Editor Plus licenses inlcude the PDF-XChange Lite V6 virtual printer. Allowing the ability to convert from third party Windows applications to PDF.

PDF-XChange Editor supports all Windows (32/64 bit) operating systems from Windows XP** and later.

Version 5 (2012): Microsoft/Citrix Terminal Server compatible*.
Version 4: Microsoft/Citrix Terminal Server compatible*.
Version 3: Still available for Windows 95/98

* Note: Though many users have virtualized some of our component products such as the PDF-XChange Viewer and PDF-Tools application using XenApp, we do not support this at this time.Particularly the printer drivers are not designed to work in a virtualized environment.

** Limitations to product support for Windows XP

To experience the best performance of our products on all Windows operating systems, the onus is on users to ensure that they have all the latest available Microsoft Windows Service Packs & Updates installed.

PDF-XChange Editor 'Free Version' is free for private and commercial use, provided it is not bundled with other software for financial gain. In FREE mode, many menu items will be marked with a special marker indicating that the specific feature requires a license to use without, producing watermarks: PRO Function Logo

You can try any of these "Protected" features but, be very careful not to save your PDF if you do not want the watermarks to appear in the upper corners of each page in the document.  Once a document is watermarked, there is no way to remove them without a license, so save a copy of the original PDF, before trying the PRO features in an unlicensed Editor. After purchasing a license for the Editor, use Document->Watermarks->Remove All to remove demo watermarks.



PDF-XChange Editor Help Manual - To reduce the size of the Viewer installer download file the Help Manual is now a separate download.

Download PDF-XChange Editor Help Manual

Please note:
The PDF-XChange Editor is not designed to create new PDF files from 3rd party document formats such as MS Office, Internet Explorer etc - if you wish to create NEW PDF files from Windows applications (any that can print to paper) the PDF-XChange Editor license includes the PDF-XChange Lite Printer - (separate download available here)  which will as well license with the Editor license key - the PDF-XChange Editor is designed to create PDF files only from images - or to scan new pages from your scanner - as well as View/Modify/Annotate etc - existing PDF files!

We recommend all users who need to ask which version to download - use the exe/zip installers (the only difference is one is wrapped in a zip file as some download management software will block '.exe' files) as this will correctly sense and install for the Windows version you use,  MSI installers do not and you must be sure you download the right version - for the operating system your system uses.  

Virtual Print Drivers

PDF-XChange 6 Lite (Now FREE for non-Commercial use, and included for commercial use with the purchase of PDF-XChange Editor/Editor Plus v6 or PDF-Tools v6)

PDF-XChange 6 Standard

PDF-XChange 6 PRO (includes PDF-XChange Editor)

MSI Installer Options - who should use ?
The easiest answer to this is if you are not sure - do not use these installers - they are aimed at corporate system administrators - not general users, so if you are not sure - use the default installer provided and not the MSI installer option !!!

International Editor Language Support
PDF-XChange UI Language support files can be found and downloaded from the Language Support page, as well as access to the Language Localization tools should a particular language pack not currently be available.


FREE OCR Support
OCR functionality available at no charge in both the free and licensed PDF-XChange Editor. By default the installations includes 4 default language support (English, French, German & Spanish). Additional Language Extension packages are available here:


Avg. Score From 42 Reviews : 5/5 Stars
  • by Kevin J. 22 Nov, 2016 02:20 PM PDT

    I am not a heavy user of PDFs but do work with them frequently.

    Imagine my horror when my company uninstalled my Adobe Standard X and replaced it with some off-brand junk called PDF-XChange Editor Plus.

    Well, seeing as I had no choice, I began to use the software.

    The first 30 seconds of use I determined that maybe the program was okay so I continued.

    That is when I realized that this program is VASTLY superior to Adobe.

    I am still trying to figure out all that I can do to PDFs with this program and will likely be doing so for the foreseeable future.

    Thank you Tracker. You Canucks are pretty sharp!

  • by stefan 23 Oct, 2017 03:21 AM PDT

    Top program!! The best there is.

  • by Sam 10 Oct, 2016 02:27 AM PDT
    Top! Even the free version is verry good for studiing. Thanks
  • by Peter 30 Jul, 2016 04:32 AM PDT

    After years of use, I was tired of the the terrible user interface of Acrobat Reader. Your software is a delight for me (using it for 2 weeks now) !

  • by Carolina 28 Jul, 2016 06:05 AM PDT
    Hey, guys! We need autosave in PDF XChange Editor!

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