PDF-XChange PRO Version History

Requires maintenance through 19 Sep 2023

PDF-XChange Editor

NEW Added Group Policy features to allow/prevent opening specific URLs inside PDF files.

NEW Added Group Policy options to control which actions are available for serial key lists.

NEW Implemented a richMediaAnnot.callAS method. (40494)

Bugfixes and Improvements

  • Fixed some security and stability issues. Click here for further information.

  • Changed how we handle showing "Places". Previously adding a "Place" via registry keys resulted in repeated instances of that "Place" appearing in the UI after an application restart. We now handle such "Places" correctly, and show them only once. (37327)

  • Fixed an issue with highlighting search results inside the Search Pane. (40723)

  • Fixed an issue with a 'ghost' text box that may appear inside the Comments Pane when users click repeatedly on the page using the TextBox/Typewriter tools. (40728)

  • Fixed a rare issue with UI automation that could cause a desynchronization between the application's UI and an external screen reader app.

  • Fixed an issue with saving settings when the 'New Document' option is used from the right-click context menu in Windows Explorer. (40744)

  • Fixed several issues and a potential crash related to using 'Drag and Drop' on document tabs when moving them between different main windows.

  • Made a minor fix to enable image options in the context menu of the 'Edit Objects' tool in cases where the tool is activated immediately after the image is selected using the 'Select Text' tool.

  • Handled a special case observed when a user changed the layout of the monitors in a way that resulted in the main window opening outside of the existing monitors. (There had been a monitor at that location, but it was taken away, or repositioned in the monitor layout). Now the position of the main window has been corrected to guarantee visibility in all cases.

  • Improved navigation via the 'Tab' key in the Preferences, DocumentProps, and DocumentMetadata dialog boxes, and fixed a minor bug with handling the 'Tab' key inside the ribbon UI's 'File' menu.

  • Fixed an issue when applying OCR to scanned documents when the pages contain special monochrome and lightweight mask-images.

  • Fixed an issue with copying text from content when it has '\t'(0x0A) symbols. Now PDF-XChange Editor replaces them all with whitespaces. (T# 6602).

  • Fixed an issue with login requests being prompted every time a file is opened from Dropbox.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented adding multiple Dropbox accounts.

  • Increased the maximum page size limit from 200 to 300 inches. (38830)

  • Increased the contrast between the highlight color and grayed text inside the Quick Launch dropdown list. (40727)


Bugfixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in incorrect 'Split/Merge Documents' dialog box content when 'Batch Processing Mode' and 'Show Dialog for Manual Split/Merge' options are enabled. (40762)

  • Fixed an issue that led to the inability to use the 'Save Documents' action's 'Use Source Folder as Destination' option in some cases when the source folder was from a user-specified 'Place'.

  • Fixed an issue with the 'Filter Pages' and 'Filter Documents' actions that could lead to incorrectly filtering results.

PDF-XChange Printer Standard

NEW Added Group Policy options to control which actions are available for serial key lists.

Requires maintenance through 05 Sep 2023

Requires maintenance through 28 Jun 2023

Requires maintenance through 14 Jun 2023

Requires maintenance through 28 Nov 2022

Requires maintenance through 28 Nov 2022

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