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I switched from PDF-XChange V3 to PDF-XChange V4 and now I have to use IPXCControlEx to create a new temporary printer.


I switched from PDF-XChange V3 to PDF-XChange V4 and now I have to use IPXCControlEx to create a new temporary printer.   

Please note that a user posted this issue in the Tracker Software forum. Their issue was that in PDF-XChange V3 an installed printer driver was available that was not present in PDF-XChange V4. This resulted in the need to use IPXCControlEx in order to create a new temporary printer, and associated adaptation of the source code (create printer, release printer etc). The user wanted to know why this change was made and if it was still possible to print documents as they had done in V3. 


No - it is not possible to print documents in V4 in the same manner as it was in V3. The reasons why this change was made are as follows:

1. To enable the simultaneous printing of multiple documents. (N.b. Multiple printers can be created that all have different settings in in version four).

2. To enable the printing of multiple documents consecutively without the need to set preferences for each new document. (N.b. In version three it was necessary to handle events/messages in order to set preferences for each new document).

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