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Error when running application scheduled task


Error when running application scheduled task?

Build 3.22.335.0

My application creates the instance for the TXCTuner() appropriately when I am running the application by double clicking on it.

When I run my application via Windows Scheduler (mstask.exe), then it gives an exception "Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {EEBC6859-7D54-469F-82F9-563F7CC318F9} failed due to the following error: 8000401a."

I did find a registry key that helped in making this work via scheduler. If I remove the RunAs key, then scheduler works. Should we be doing this removal of key or is there a better way.

"RunAs"="Interactive User"

You can do so. But please keep in mind that in this case an application started by TXCTuner probably will not be able to interact with the logged-in user. Thus, if that application displays some dialog or the like then the printing will freeze.


A better way is to add the principal your application is scheduled to run as, to the TXCTuner access list (dcomcnfg.exe->Component services->Computers->My Computer->DCOM config->TXCTuner->Properties->Security->Access Permissions).

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