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Why can't I use Gmail in the Send-by-Email feature of PDF-XChange Editor?


Why can't I use Gmail in the Send-by-Email feature of PDF-XChange Editor?


The default settings of Gmail view PDF-XChange Editor as a "Less secure app", and therefore block it from being able to sign in to your account. If this is the case then the following error message or something similar will be displayed in PDF-XChange Editor:


Follow the steps below to resolve this issue:

1. Sign in to your Gmail account.

2. Click the account icon at the top-right of the page, then click My Account.

The Welcome section of your gmail My Account page will open.

3. Click Security:

The Security section of your gmail account will open.

4. Locate the Less secure app Access section of the page, and click Turn on access:


5. Click the Slider beside the Allow Less Secure Apps option, so that it is turned ON:

It will then be possible to use Gmail in the Send-by-Email feature of PDF-XChange Editor.


Please note that allowing less secure apps to access your account may make your account vulnerable, although the risk is small. Tracker Software does not accept any responsibility for issues that arise as a result of changing this setting.

Google has recently changed their security mechanisms, and you will now receive an email with the subject line "Ciritcal Security Alert", informing you that this was changed. Do not worry, this does not mean anything dangerous has happened, the email simply contains a link to "check activity" on your account so you can be sure it was you who made the change. here is an example of the email:

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