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Why won't the "Send by E-mail" feature work in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook?


Why won't the "Send by E-mail" feature work in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook?

The email will not send when I try to use this feature and I receive the error message:

Couldn’t send the document by e-mail. 
Error[System]: Unspecified error

This also happens when I try to use the Report a Problem feature.


A version of Outlook prior to Outlook 2010 is being used. These versions of the software provide only a 32-bit version of the Simple MAPI Handler. PDF-XChange Editor installs as a 64-bit application and therefore will not work in conjunction with older versions of Outlook, as it is designed to function with 64-bit comms DLLs in Windows/Outlook installations.


There are two resolutions available for this issue:

The first option is to upgrade to Outlook 2010 or later, as a 64-bit MAPI handler is supported in those versions. 

The second option is to use the portable version of PDF-XChange Editor, which is a 32-bit application and therefore will not experience issues when used in conjunction with the older versions of Outlook. It is available here.

This issue may also arise in PDF-Tools when a 64-bit operating system is used in conjunction with a 32-bit Simple MAPI connector (older than Outlook 2010 in the case of Outlook) or a 32-bit scanner driver such as the TWAIN interface.

Please note that the methods outlined above are a workaround for a Windows issue in cases where true 64-bit drivers, or a simple MAPI Connector, are not available. A 64-bit connector (Outlook 2010 or later) or a 64-bit scanner driver (usually WIA) should always be used in preference to this workaround.

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