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  • by claudio piaggesi 04 Nov 2019 09:36:10
    Very good.
  • by Charles Best 02 Nov 2019 09:01:13
    The best office tool!!! Extremely useful.
  • by MAURIZIO DI MARCO 29 Oct 2019 11:27:50
    Lo uso da 4 anni ,molto semplice da utilzzare e sempre pieno di nuove funzioni!
  • by Frank Kuerpiers 17 Oct 2019 16:01:52
    I use prf-x for private use only. And i have the free version since years. Now i wanted some functions for editing, such as: delete/ add pages, combine and recombine a series of pdf-files and some visual editing such as hilighting. Pdf-x has all i need. It is easy to use, stable and works very trustworthy.
  • by Debbie Klassen 17 Oct 2019 14:41:39
    All the functions I need and some I didn't know I needed! Easy to install, even easier to use. Price is very reasonable too.
  • by James Mcmillan 14 Oct 2019 08:30:28
    I have purchase PDF-XChange Pro since 2012. Why? It simply works. Too many times other PDF software have crashed Windows.. even blue screens of death. Never with PDF-XChange Pro. Plus it has OCR, flexible document formatting, and can save to international PDF standard file format. Thanks to the folks at Tracker for their good work which in turn keeps me working.
  • by Caracas George 14 Oct 2019 00:42:59
    Great software. The OCR plug-in works extraordinary in Romanian Language.
  • by MASSIMO CHIANELLA 07 Oct 2019 06:10:03
    it is a good and easy-to-use software for creating and managing PDF files. The help content is only in English and the translation in further languages would be useful
  • by Daniel Hofer 06 Oct 2019 22:44:55
    For me PDF-XChange (at least the editor, other tools I do not use) is by far the best PDF-editor. What I was looking for many years ago: as a student I needed an editor (or better just a reader) that I can use with keyboard shortcuts. PDF-XChange was and still is the only reader with these abilities. Now I'm really fast in annotating my books and reports: pressing s: the typewriter appears after selecting some text I can press: g: for yellow color (yellow = gelb in german, that's the reason why G;-)) p: for persons (some magenta) ü: for green marker e: for red marker and so on I'm very happy to have found this editor years ago. Thank you very much! And sometimes I also need editor functionality (delete, rotate pages, insert page numbers, OCR, and others). But mainly I use is as a reader. And even for this it's perfect for me.
  • by Marek Martyna 06 Oct 2019 09:11:05
    I am very pleased with your software. One day I would like to use the developer libraries in my programs, but unfortunately they are too expensive for me. Another thing is that I don't quite feel which library would be the best for me. Best regards Marek
  • by Joseph Gordon 02 Oct 2019 09:16:03
    An absolutely excellent product. Tracker products have always been highly capable, and they're even better now with their newly-enhanced OCR. A worthy rival even to Adobe Acrobat Professional. I have used both for years.
  • by Service Team sas Gianni Monti 01 Oct 2019 10:31:13
    Programma stabile nessun problema e con interfaccia pratica e chiara per il nostro uso.
  • by Rene Andreas 30 Sep 2019 13:06:36
    I'm using PDF-XChange for several years now. And I really like to have a really complete PDF handling solution for a reasonable price. I also like your friendly and professional support. Please keep up your work!
  • by Mark Ingram 18 Sep 2019 06:27:51
    PDF-XChange Pro is a deep and very capable program, and I am still delving into and learning its multi-faceted user interface and features. In the meantime, however, it has handily resolved some years-long exasperations with successive releases of Adobe Acrobat Pro and ABBYY Finereader (and the latter's accompanying OCR Editor). Although I have submitted detailed reports and examples to the developers of both programs, they remain unresponsive to what amount to signicant program bugs. By contrast, the Tracker Tech Support team, via both e-mail and forum postings, has been *most* helpful in answering questions, and making note of any program features that might benefit from tweaking. I will hope to be able to report more fully on the program in the future, but for now I am more than pleased with the high value/performance-to-cost ratio provided by the program. MarkT
  • by Leonard Merkel 12 Sep 2019 14:28:04
    One of the few software products I use every day, and with pleasure. Couldn't imagine life without it. Very reliable, with pretty much every PDF feature I'm ever likely to need. Ultra reliable and really good documentation. Does exactly what it says it does. I can only think of a couple of areas for potential improvement. 1. Form creation. The product has very good capabilities. What would round them off would be: 1a. Some form of automatic proposal of potential form fields, by analyzing the underlying document. Currently, every single form field needs to be defined manually. The tools are there, but it's a tedious process if you have a lot of them. Make some changes to (say) a source MS Word document, create a new version of the PDF, and you have to recreate all those form fields again. 1b. Recognize forms in a MS Word document and carry them through into a generated PDF. That would be a killer feature. 2. Better "clean up" of scanned documents. For example, if I scan a document that has been folded, the crease marks appear as "lines" in the PDF. i see no convenient way to automatically clean these up. 3. The new advanced OCR tool still needs improvement. I still can't seem to get an accurate OCR rendition of the text in most document scans.
  • by Roman Szczepinski 08 Sep 2019 02:56:28
    PDF-XChange PRO ist sehr gute und einfach in Bedienung Werkzeug fürs Büro und Heim. Nur das Preis kostet ein Stern. Persönlich benutze im Geschäft und als Privatanwender Zuhause seit vielen Jahren. Gruess Roman
  • by J.A. Den Ouden 31 Aug 2019 03:24:50
    It's a good professional program
  • by Peter Sheremeta 28 Aug 2019 07:07:06
    I like EVERYTHING about Tracker PDF-XChange PRO. Have been using it for at least 3 years and have always been impressed with its capabilites. The latest version continues in the same footsteps as its predecessors. Must admit that sometimes some features are not intuitive or even easy to find but support staff are just EXCELLENT. Could not ask for a better product from a company I trust. Peter W. Sheremeta Kingston, ON.
  • by Ognyan Vasilev 07 Aug 2019 06:02:12
    Overall impression: An excellent product, the best pdf editor I have tried (and purchased). Pros: Everything Cons.: Still somewhat wooden interface; OCR still worse then ABBYY Finereader.
  • by Ugo SMANIOTTO 04 Aug 2019 08:15:44
    Excellent produit. Simple à utiliser. De nombreuses fonctions très utiles pour compléter vos documents PDF (textes, photos, graphisme, plans).
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