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I wish I had purchased PDF-XChange Pro years ago because this software has exceeded my expectations with its top-notch OCR functionality and user-friendly interface. Adding comments and annotations to documents is a breeze. With its wide range of features, PDF-XChange Pro makes it easy to create, edit, and convert PDFs. It has proven to be a powerful and reliable solution for all my PDF needs. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a comprehensive PDF tool.

27 Mar 2023 07:10:03
Chad Brzezinski

Have used PDF-XChange Pro both privately and through corporation. Good bang for the buck compared to others I have used over past years. Recommend as good alternative for anything your organization is using. Regards JP

14 Mar 2023 06:13:45

I can't live without this program. We are a small construction/design firm and this program is the most functional PDF editing program I have ever found. The dimensioning, scaling and commenting is unrivaled. Trust me, I've tried the other ones. It's on every machine and is the one program I gladly pay for every time. Here is how die hard we are on PDF-Xchange PRO - we won't switch to mac airs in the field just because of this program.

01 Mar 2023 13:18:54
William Mcmurray

I'll be honest. I've always looked for a valid alternative to Adobe Acrobat. And I've tried a lot of products. I've also read many reviews, and I've always found out that many are fake. Then, I started to try by myself a considerable number of applications. In the end, I've understood that not only is PDF-XChange Pro the best valid alternative to Adobe, but I think it's so configurable that now I'm sure Adobe is not the best. Adobe is one of the groups of apps that can manage PDF files. To be short, I have to adapt to a new interface, but I work very fast for my things. The only "drawback", if I can call it so, is the speed of OCR: other apps are a little faster. But that's ok. So, if you are looking for a great app that lets you do literally what you want with PDF files, PDF-XChange Pro is a must.

04 Feb 2023 02:20:27
Clementina Coletta

works as expected.

26 Jan 2023 06:22:30
Gregor Schnoell

It's great software! Easy to use and install.

06 Jan 2023 21:38:23
Theo Rorije


04 Jan 2023 21:57:55
sizuo shimada

Language selection is very good (Finnish) and tools to use modifying documents

02 Jan 2023 22:55:31
Kari Holm

Easy to use, yet comprehensive PDF editing software that gives both the novice and the professional a powerful tool. It would be nice if there was a scripting engine.

26 Dec 2022 09:58:26
Matteo Baschera

Ich habe die Upgrade Version gekauft, um auch die Druck-Funktion - nicht nur im Lite-Mdus - zu nutzen. Der Umgang mit der aktuellen Version ist somit sehr viel einfacher. Das Produkt überzeugt sehr, allerdings hoffe ich auf Vereinfachung im Bereich: - Prüfstempel - Erstellung - Zeichenerstellung und Ergänzungen

27 Nov 2022 06:04:49
Rainer Kappelar

PDF-XChange PRO ist das beste Programm, das man sich wünschen kann. Es geht einfach fast alles!!

24 Nov 2022 06:03:12
Gerhard Poppen

It is good

16 Nov 2022 06:32:20
Lars Hamann

I have tested almost all pdf document management software. They were either very expensive or they had little knowledge. After consideration, I chose the PDF-XChange PRO software. Well customizable, attractive design, easy to use. ---------------- I just want to ask one thing. The quick launch toolbar can also be placed under the ribbon. (I haven't figured out how to fix it.) Best regards, János Madarász.

14 Nov 2022 07:01:59
János Madarász

I am enjoying the use of the new version. I went from editor to Pro. I was stuck on version 5. (lol)

25 Oct 2022 13:49:10
Earl Davis

productivity, search engine, pdf formating tools, measurements with calibration

02 Oct 2022 09:02:27
Efthimios Pariotis

Hallo zusammen, das Programm ist übersichtlich aufgebaut. Es arbeitet sehr schnell und sehr zuverlässig. Endlich mal ein Handbuch zu einem PDF-Programm, das klar verständlich ist und entsprechend umfangreich. Genauso wie die Einstellmöglichkeiten im Programm selbst. Die Fein-Tuning Möglichkeiten sind hervorragend, aber nicht "erschlagend", so dass man wirklich vernünftig arbeiten kann. Die Funktionsvielfalt ist erschreckend gut. Ich vermisse nichts. Hut ab. Verglichen mit den Programmen, mit denen ich vorher gearbeitet habe: Adobe zu teuer, oft zu ungenau, Abstürze und Ungereimtheiten (die Druck Ergebnisse waren nicht das, was eigentlich vom Bildschirm und von den Einstellungen her erwartet worden wäre). Bin dann aufgrund dieser Umstände zu einer Kombination aus Foxit PDF Editor und Readiris PDF 17 (und später 22) gekommen. Ich habe lange mit dieser Kombination gearbeitet. Readiris wurde hauptsächlich zum Komprimieren (iHQC erzeugt sehr gute Qualität, bei sehr geringer Größe) und Geradestellen benutzt. Die anderen Bearbeitungen mit Foxit. Der ständige Wechsel zwischen den beiden Programmen hat mich dazu erwogen, mir ein neues Programm zu suchen. Und ich habe einige, wirklich einige, ausprobiert. Aber ich muss sagen, an X-Change Pro kommt keiner ran. Und noch einmal - Kudos to you! Mit freundlichen Grüßen Eva Dickmann

27 Sep 2022 04:29:56
Eva Dickmann

I like that it allows me to edit almost everything on a pdf document. Its price could have been cheaper...

15 Sep 2022 17:28:25
Nikolaos Athanasios Anagnostopoulos

There is no software that allows all the actions of PDF-XChange PRO.

09 Sep 2022 12:15:34
Roi Lorenzo

Unfortunately PDF-X-Change does not have full cross hairs. Lucky for me there is a cool util that can help out. https://download.cnet.com/CrossHair/3000-12565_4-10561218.html The big advantage of full cross hairs is the easy alignment. What i also would like to see also is the option to erase part of the pdf (i could not find anything in the current release). PDF-X-Change is preferred by me over all the other apps out there. So good job and keep coding on ...... Marco

09 Sep 2022 10:28:54
Marco Schriek

Hands down, the best out there. I have tried other software packages on different platforms (PC/MAC/iPAD) and I have to do all of my editing on my PC with PDF X-Change. I still have unresolved (OCR, pdf to Office convertors) issues with the competitive packages. All work flawlessly on PDF X-Change. They update their products on a timely basis, meaning that the lights are on at Sales-Tracker. Thanks! Regards, Happy User in Marietta GA.

08 Sep 2022 03:59:34
Happy user

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