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Avg. Score: 5/5 Stars

Easy and quick purchase procedure. The programme works very well, I have been using it for years, it has many functions, it is stable. I recommend it

24 Sep 2023 22:18:08
Mariano Prosseri

Excelente producto

21 Sep 2023 08:10:39
Carolina Báez Curuchet

Diese PDF-Software ist einer der besten die kenne und ich habe einige Anbieter von PDF-Software ausprobiert. Das Konzept im allgemeinen und die Integration in Windows und Office sind sehr gut umgesetzt. Die Einarbeitungszeit ist kurz und man kann effektiv PDFs erstellen und bearbeiten . Der PDF-Druckertreiber ist das perfekte Werkzeug, wenn man viel mit Druckereien zu tun hat. Es gab noch nie Beanstandungen - alle erstellten Dokumente waren tadellos.

21 Sep 2023 07:19:48
Jürgen Deutschbein

Excellent resource program. All that is missing is PDF CROPPING when the image is uneven. If possible, implementing a feature that detects edges and corrects documents would be important. Another feature would be to IMPROVE image (contrast).

10 Sep 2023 09:21:44

Used it at work. Found it easy to use, great functionality so bought a copy for my own use.

30 Aug 2023 22:29:57
Paul Jensen

Used it at work. Found it easy to use, great functionality so bought a copy for my own use.

30 Aug 2023 07:01:55
Paul Jensen

For me it is the ideal program in the office-area for processing PDF documents of all kinds and it makes electronic invoicing to various customers much easier.

16 Jul 2023 23:45:47
Markus Brand

PDF-XChange Pro is the best program for PDF Management in windows! You can do everything with it! Very happy with the increase of productivity!

19 May 2023 11:25:37
Carlos Figueiredo

I miss automatic updates that are executed without admin rights

02 May 2023 01:14:26
Jürgen Tilly

Best PDF application available: Efficient, fast, functional, innovative!

10 Apr 2023 06:25:33
Fleig AG M. Fleig

PDF-Xchange Pro works fine, it has very much functions. The OCR Module works fine. Tracker Software was friendly and flexible creating us a special license key for inceasing the number our licenses - thank you. The only thing we would like to have is the Product Manual in german language.

31 Mar 2023 04:10:10
IT Lizenzmanagement

I wish I had purchased PDF-XChange Pro years ago because this software has exceeded my expectations with its top-notch OCR functionality and user-friendly interface. Adding comments and annotations to documents is a breeze. With its wide range of features, PDF-XChange Pro makes it easy to create, edit, and convert PDFs. It has proven to be a powerful and reliable solution for all my PDF needs. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a comprehensive PDF tool.

27 Mar 2023 07:10:03
Chad Brzezinski

Have used PDF-XChange Pro both privately and through corporation. Good bang for the buck compared to others I have used over past years. Recommend as good alternative for anything your organization is using. Regards JP

14 Mar 2023 06:13:45

I can't live without this program. We are a small construction/design firm and this program is the most functional PDF editing program I have ever found. The dimensioning, scaling and commenting is unrivaled. Trust me, I've tried the other ones. It's on every machine and is the one program I gladly pay for every time. Here is how die hard we are on PDF-Xchange PRO - we won't switch to mac airs in the field just because of this program.

01 Mar 2023 13:18:54
William Mcmurray

I'll be honest. I've always looked for a valid alternative to Adobe Acrobat. And I've tried a lot of products. I've also read many reviews, and I've always found out that many are fake. Then, I started to try by myself a considerable number of applications. In the end, I've understood that not only is PDF-XChange Pro the best valid alternative to Adobe, but I think it's so configurable that now I'm sure Adobe is not the best. Adobe is one of the groups of apps that can manage PDF files. To be short, I have to adapt to a new interface, but I work very fast for my things. The only "drawback", if I can call it so, is the speed of OCR: other apps are a little faster. But that's ok. So, if you are looking for a great app that lets you do literally what you want with PDF files, PDF-XChange Pro is a must.

04 Feb 2023 02:20:27
Clementina Coletta

works as expected.

26 Jan 2023 06:22:30
Gregor Schnoell

It's great software! Easy to use and install.

06 Jan 2023 21:38:23
Theo Rorije


04 Jan 2023 21:57:55
sizuo shimada

Language selection is very good (Finnish) and tools to use modifying documents

02 Jan 2023 22:55:31
Kari Holm

Easy to use, yet comprehensive PDF editing software that gives both the novice and the professional a powerful tool. It would be nice if there was a scripting engine.

26 Dec 2022 09:58:26
Matteo Baschera

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