Reseller Resources & Marketing Collateral

This section provides graphic and media marketing collateral for use by our resellers and distributors.

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Media Resources

Tracker Software Products - Reseller Guide

Reseller Guide to using Tracker Software Products Online Ordering System - Click Here - * Updated March 3, 2018

PDF-XChange - Distributor Installer Downloads

PDF-XChange V8 Distributor Builds (7zip files)

PDF-XChange - Resellers Pricelist

May 2019 Reseller Price Workbook (USD/EURO) - (XLS) - 349 KB (Corrected Euro OCR plugin pricing)

Note for EU resellers:

As the USD to  EURO conversion rate fluctuates on a regular basis, always check your reseller account and update the USD to EURO conversion rate on the Start Page tab of the pricing workbook to ensure pricing matches our website.

PDF-XChange - Dept of Commerce ECCN certificate

Tracker Software Products is pleased to report that the PDF-XChange family of products has now acquired from the US Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security - an ECCN - Export Control Certificate, required in certain circumstances where a software application has the ability to apply and enforce encryption technology (such as PDF-XChange does offer).
PDF-XChange ECCN Export Certificate - 87 KB
Any corporate user of PDF-XChange needing to distribute their legitimate PDF-XChange license to foreign subsidiaries' and comply with such US Export controls, may contact us for further details and our ECCN and certificate information.

Graphic Resources

Tracker Software Products Logo Files (NEW)

Tracker Logo

 Tracker Logo  
New Logo Pack with Black Text (ZIP) - 803 KB New Logo Pack with White Text (ZIP) - 787 KB  

Each Logo Pack download includes the following image formats:

330px X 100px (PSD) Photoshop file
330px X 100px (AI) Illustrator file - vector based
330px X 100px (EPS) Postscript file - vector based

330px X 100px & 1200px X 365px (PNG) Portable Network Graphic file (transparent background)

700px X 250px (PDF) Portable Document Format

Tracker Software V6/V7/V8 Product Images (NEW)

Each archive contains the following image sizes (in pixels) for each product (24X24, 60X60, 80X80, 100X100, 158X158, 220X220 & 250X250)

PDF-XChange End User Products Images V6/V7/V8 (8.2 Mb) -

PDF-XChange Developer SDK Products Images V6/V7/V8 (7.2 Mb) -

PDF-XChange All Products Images V6/V7/V8 (15.3 Mb) -