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Can I use the PDF-XChange printer driver to print letterhead onto a page?


Can I use the PDF-XChange printer driver to print letterhead onto a page?


Yes. The "Overlay" feature of the PDF-XChange print driver can be used for this purpose. Follow the steps below to print letterhead:

Note that the steps to do this in most of our other PDF-XChange products is very similar.

1. Open the Start Menu and Search for Printers & Scanners.

2. Click the PDF-XChange Standard printer, and Click the Manage button. 

3. Click Printing Preferences. The PDF-XChange Standard Printing Preferences dialog box will open.

4. Click the Overlays tab, select the Overlay with an existing PDF box and click Browse:

5. Select a file to be used as the overlay and click OK. The letterhead will be laid over subsequent print jobs.

The settings in the Overlays tab can be used to customize the style and appearance of overlays. See here for further information. Additionally, customized settings can be saved as a profile for subsequent use. See here for further information.

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