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Why do I receive an error message when I attempt to open certain files from the 'Recent' lists? How do I open these files?


I receive an error message when I attempt to open certain files from the 'Recents' lists and the file will not open. The error message says "The system cannot find the file specified."

How can I open these files? Can I remove them from the 'Recents' list?


If a file that was opened in PDF-XChange Editor is subsequently deleted, or moved to a new location, then the application will return this error message. This is a common issue for files opened from temporary folders that the local computer subsequently deletes due to system settings.

Note: If you are receiving this error message while opening files from networked locations, the error may also be caused by administrative permissions. Please ensure that the Editor is not being "run as administrator" (you may need to check the *.exe properties) and then try this again.


Follow the steps below to remove files from the 'Recents' list:

1. Click File in the Menu Toolbar.

2. Hover over Open. The 'Recents' list will be displayed. Files that PDF-XChange Editor cannot locate will display a question mark.

3. Click the 'x' icon on the right of the file name to remove them from the 'Recents' list:

It is also possible to remove all broken files from the 'Recents' list:

1. Click Manage History and Recents at the bottom of the 'Recents' list. The Manage History and Recents dialog box will open.

2. Click Clear. The Clear History dialog box will open. Select All Broken in the dropdown menu:

3. Click OK in the Clear History dialog box, then click OK in the Manage History and Recents dialog box.

Alternatively, files can be restored to the location at which they were saved when PDF-XChange Editor opened them in order to resolve the issue.

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