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How do I reposition the Document Toolbars?


I want to reposition toolbars in order to reduce the space that they occupy in the main window, but I cannot move the Document Toolbars to the same location as the other toolbars.


The default layout of PDF-XChange Editor separates these toolbars from the other toolbars. They can be repositioned only within the section of the main window that they are located in by default, or to the upper section of the main window, as displayed below:

N.b. Click and drag the grid of dots at the upper-left section of toolbars in order to reposition them.


Follow the steps below to resolve this issue:

1. Right click on any blank space in the Ribbon UI to open the Customize toolbars dropdown menu.

2. Clear the boxes for the Document Toolbars, as detailed below:

The Document Toolbars will no longer be present in the main window. The drawback of this resolution is that it will take longer to access their functionality when it is required. If this is going to be an issue then we recommend creating a customized toolbar that contains the actions from these toolbars that you most frequently require, then adding the toolbar to the main window at a convenient location. (Customized toolbars can be repositioned anywhere in the main window and are not restricted in the same manner as the Document Toolbars, even when they contain commands from those toolbars).

Instructions on how to create customized toolbars are available here.

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