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How do I Silently deploy my serial key using the Personal.xcvault file after installation


 I would like to silently apply my serial key after my programs are installed. 


Pushing the Personal.xcvault 

Pushing the vault file to each user that will have access to the PRO features by windows command line. (please note you must not exceed the total user volume allowed by your license). 

The script would look something like this: C:\Program Files\Tracker Software\Vault>XCVault.exe /s "D:\Documents\Ref\Personal.xcvault"

First step is to call on the XCVault.exe which will apply the key, then to the personal.xcvault file. You must specify the literal path. With the ../s the user will not be notified of the serial key being implemented.

You can find more information about licensing for a terminal server here

Please note that you can implement the serial key as at the time of installation by copy pasting your serial key into the installer. You can also apply your serial key after install by double clicking on the Personal.xcvault. The above instructions are geared towards system administrators who are using our software in a terminal server environment where not every user has access to the PRO features of the product installed on the environment. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please contact us at

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